Friday, February 13, 2015

Becoming a SAHM: Daily Routine Part 4

Since Brielana is older (7 months already!  Yikes!) we have a pretty predictable routine around here that I thought I'd share to stay accountable ;)  This is a normal day in the life when Brian goes to work from 1-930p.

8am: Get up/ check emails
815a: Shower- Brielana in her seat; do hair and make up
9a: Kinsey wakes up, make breakfast
930a: eat, give Stella her medicine
10a: play/ watch cartoons/ wash dishes
11a: Brielana naps
        Play games or color with Kinsey
1145a: Brielana wakes up
12- 12:30p: prep and eat lunch
1245p: Brian goes to work
1p: walk Stella

1:30p: Preschool activities/ reading/ occasionally watch a movie
3- 4p: Brielana naps
        Kinsey Play- outside or independently 
5p: prep dinner
530p: eat
6-7p: wash dishes and play with Girls
7- 730p: Brielana naps
745p: Bath times
830p: Brush teeth/ get bed ready/ read stories
9p: Girls asleep/ Mommy reads or blogs or watches TV 
945p: Brian gets home
10ish: Bed time

My favorite work shift of Brian's is 11-7p, because we get to spend time with him in the morning and then he also helps out with bedtime routine, per Kinsey's insistence.  I thought I preferred his opening shifts 530a- 130p, but once home, he would crash and it threw off the rest of the day(?) thankfully he doesn't work them anymore and pretty much sticks to mids or closing.  On his days off, we are a little more loose with the schedule, except for Brielana's nap times, and we usually don't push preschool activities because Family Time is of utmost importance.

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