Friday, February 6, 2015

Seven Months

How old: 7 months
Weight: 14 pounds {up 6.4 pounds.}
Length: 25.25 inches {up 6.18 inches}
Baby clothes: 6, 6-9 months sizes
Diaper size: 2
Sleep: Still holding strong with 3 naps, but the morning and evening ones are short 45-60 minutes.  I've given up the idea of sleeping through the night, night-nursing is part of our routine.
Feeding: Every 4+ hours. And we've almost completed a full month of BLW!
Likes: Feeding herself- the messier the better!  She is scooting around all over the place and has me thinking of getting (gasp!) a play pen...  Being outdoors, she giggles the whole time when we're on our walks with Stella and Kinsey.
Dislikes: Waiting too long for her food (haha, she is definitely part of this family)  Being immobile in her chair/ carseat.
Milestones:  Able to sit upright unassisted for a short duration.  Trying her hardest to get up on her knees, we're half way there!  We have turned the corner of newborn-hair loss, I think eating actual food has helped her hair to start growing back in!

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