Monday, February 2, 2015

Pinterest {Closet} Project: Red + Pink

I was feeling a little festive with this month's Pin-spired look' seeing as it's Valentine's Day in 12 days {and fun fact: the EDD of my first- born Kinsey, who showed up 10 days early!} and what better excuse is there than wearing pink and red together?!

Red and pink outfit ideas
scarf/red pumps original source not found/blazer original source not found/red cardi

Let me say first off, I wear very little of either pink or red. Strange considering pink is my favorite color. Sadly it can wash me out depending on the shade.  And red, even though I can wear it, is too bold for my introvert nature.  Co-nun-drum

But I dug very deep into my closet to unearth these outfits and I think they worked out nicely, er at least 2/3 of them.  {Can you guess the keepers?}

I love this look and will be adding it to my normal rotation of outfits!
 Sevenly sweater/Gap blanket scarf/Old Navy tami/Gap Real Straight/Minnetonkas

I would label this "date night worthy" because I can't seriously wear those wedges longer than half an hour at a time.
 Gap coat/Mossimo top/Old Navy skinnies/Calvin Klein wedges

I feel "ehh" about this; the proportions are off so it looks sloppy instead of pulled together.  Oh well, can't win them all!
Old Navy cardigan/H&M long cami/Old Navy skinnies/Minnetonkas

And that's it for me!  

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  1. Great job on your outfit re-creations! And red & pink are a perfect combo for this month. I especially love your hot pink trench coat. SO fun and bet it stands out (in a good way!) among a sea of neutral trench coats!
    Gina- On the Daily Express

    1. Thank you Gina! It does grab attention ;) I love your blog, thanks for visiting!

  2. Oooooooooh! I love pink and red together! I need to do this myself! Thanks for linking up! xoxo, Sheaffer :)

    1. Do it, Sheaffer! You make everything look great!


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