Thursday, August 6, 2015

Brielana Bites: Hits and Misses

As great of an eater as Brielana is, there are still some meals/foods she prefers over others.  The girl loves her some fruit, any fruit and enjoys most vegetables and beans but only likes meat/chicken in moderation (but digs fish).  Here are a few  meals that were hits and misses:
Hit #1:
sliced and peeled apples, chicken fingers and cheddar cheese sticks.  Her face doesn't look happy, but that's because she's thinking, "where's more?" ;)

Hit #2:
halved cherry tomatoes, cannellini beans, black olives, tuna, hard boiled egg.

Hit #3:
Sliced peaches and cheese quesadilla (and ok, you caught me, a few olives!)

Hit #4:
Sliced plums, macaroni and cheese, frozen peas and not pictured, halved cherry tomatoes.


Miss #1:
Homemade cheese pizza with assorted black and green olives. Don't let the empty tray fool you, she threw everything to the dog.  Well, actually she ate most of the olives, she just wasn't feeling the thick wheat crust of the pizza (my girls are not bread-eaters.  Shocking, I know.)

Miss #2:
Homemade meat sauce with zucchini and raviolis.  She pretty much just smeared everything around.  Though she did eat a lot of the sauce.

Miss #3:
Breakfast of scrambled eggs with zucchini and halved tomatoes and a slice of LaBrea Bakery cheese bread.  Usually she loves eggs, so I chalk this "miss" up to the fact she's cutting 4 molars.

What has been a hit or miss with your little Nugget lately?
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  1. She is so cute! We love baby led weaning! My son had similar hits/misses when he was that age, but my daughter will eat ANYTHING. :)

  2. I love the pics of her eating, so cute! Sounds like she does pretty good eating unlike my picky eater!

  3. She's too cute!!!
    Liam just got into a bit of a picky phase (he's so small that I keep forgetting he's almost two-right on target!). He doesn't want any meat or eggs, and refuses vegetables unless they are covered in spaghetti sauce. Interesting, but whatever works!

    1. I wouldn't mind eating everything with spaghetti sauce, I LOVE tomatoes! Thank you Stefanie :)

  4. I had so many more misses than hits with Marcus. Brielana is a champ with different foods!! Keep it up momma.

  5. Oh goodness she eats better than my 4 year old, lololol! Was her sister a super good eater too?!

  6. She has quite the palette! Good job!


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