Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Reading Challenge Pt 4

Sweet Turtle Soup

I can't believe this is the final check-in for the Summer Reading Challenge!  I'm both parts sad Summer is ending and ecstatic Fall is just around the corner!  Of course, in Central California we get a late Summer so our Fall doesn't really start until the end of October, but a girl can still make plans!

My last few book categories include a book about colors, a Dr. Seuss title, one recently published, a summer story and a Little Golden Book.

Let me start out by professing my love for Little Golden Books!  We are hoarding as many as we can.  For 3 dollars a book, you just can't pass up the price point.  I am so grateful for my MIL's foresight to save Brian's old LGB and Kinsey treasures them above all others.  Seeing his little boy hand writing is too precious (and yes, it says, "Brian Snith" ;).  We even found a vintage Cinderella LGB at a local Antique Mall.  And how cute is that itty bitty one?!  So, our problem wasn't in finding one to read but was in narrowing down all our fabulous choices ;)

Hop on Pop Dr Seuss
Inside Out pictureback book Felicity Glum
What Makes a Rainbow  Betty Ann Swartz
About Crustaceans: A Guide Cathryn Sill

A completed list!  I went ahead and gave myself a gold star ;)

And now that The Summer Reading Challenge is completed, I also get to check off another Summer Lovin' Bucket List item!:

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  1. I love all the LGB too!! We are trying to grow our collection. One of our current favorites is "Lasso the Moon."
    And how awesome that your MIL kept all those books! Treasures, for sure.

  2. I love your collection of Little Golden Books!! That's so awesome Brian's mom saved them all!


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