Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Man behind the Beard

It has finally come to fruition! After months of reading Elizabeth's Guy behind the Blog interviews with Seth and then Beth's interviews with Russ, I managed to ply Brian into doing it too!  I'll let his answers show how enthusiastic he was about the whole thing.

1) Share a funny wedding story with us - it could be from your own or one you attended. 

Brian: I don't have one.
Me: We always talk about Aaron's toast.
Brian: Yeah that was funny. What else was funny? Your opera music (it was a CD playing classical music and then Opera singing came out of nowhere.) Those special people we didn't invite. (Yes, we had wedding crashers, of the worst kind)

2) On the topic of love, who was your childhood crush?

Brian: Micheal Jackson, I'm just kidding, I don't know. What does that mean?
Me: You know, a celebrity or a girl in your class you liked.
Brian: Oh, not really. Not until high school.

3a) What is your top love language?

Brian: Huh? What are those?
After I described the 5 Love Languages (which he did know because we did our premarital counseling on them)
Brian: Physical touch (but he actually said something I wont repeat here. Ha! x)

3b) What is your significant other's love language? 

Brian:  Your phone and your blog, haha. 
Let it be known I gave him a big ole eye roll, "Really?"
Brian: Uh, acts of service? (that's better)

4) How did you meet your significant other? 

Brian: I don't know, Spanish class?
Me: Wow.
Brian: (with a sheepish grin) What?! I don't even remember those days.

5) If you're engaged or married, how did you propose?

Me: Don't say, "you don't know."
Brian:  I don't remember! I just asked you in your room (after a very nice dinner on the Big Sur Coast). Cus you made me. (He's totally joking, he had the ring for 6 months before I started dropping hints ;)
Me: Any details? Like were you nervous?
Brian: Well yeah, I was!  This is dumb, this is like security questions on a secure website. Get some better questions next time.

And there you have it straight from the bearded man's mouth. I may or may not participate again lol (I'm sure you're thanking me already ;)

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  1. Oh my goodness I am crying, CRYING over here. He sounds so much like Russ. I think they could be bff's too. Truth be told I chose not to participate in the link up this month because I KNEW Russ would eye roll EVERY single question and never want to do one again. I hope they picked simpler questions for next month.

    Love the man behind the beard addition too.

    1. haha, I almost scraped the post too, after I started asking the questions, and Mr. was like really? Are you sure these are the right questions...but I thought, naw it's funny. People don't really get to see his funny side. We'll see what the questions are next month, I don't think Mr. would/could do it again if the questions are the same.

  2. Another blogger with a bearded lover LOL :)

    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. Oh my gosh, this is HILARIOUS!! The answers are classic. BAHA!
    I'm pretty sure my husband would answer along the same lines. I'm trying to get my husband to do something like this (I LOVE reading when other bloggers get their significant others to participate), but he's shot down the idea so many times I've quit asking.

  4. haha, the love language, I couldn't repeat it either, LOL.

  5. Oh man!!! I love his answers but man, he really wasn't too happy about it, was he? LOL. I do admit that this months' questions were not Seth's favorite, but somehow I managed to get him to answer. I think it's because the girl who comes up with them is getting married tomorrow (or so it says on her blog) and so all the questions were love themed. They aren't all like that so tell Brian to give it another shot :)

  6. Mennnnnnn! They always gotta take things to the next (inappropriate) level, ha HA! Loved reading this!

    1. SERIOUSLY! He was totally pushing the envelope the whooooole time, but it IS funny ;)

  7. Bahaha this might be my fave lol. So unhelpful that husband. Sounds like mine

  8. Oh my gosh, too funny! I'll have to try this out on my husband!

  9. This is hilarious! Not sure I can get Mic to join the fun, but I would love for him to!

    And we totally had a wedding crasher or two as well! Dish!

  10. hahah!! I want to hear more about the wedding crashers story!! This is so cute!!

  11. His last answer... #dead.
    I love his reply... honest and totally manly.


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