Thursday, August 13, 2015

Turning Thirty

Thoughts on Turning Thirty

I have been coming to terms with turning the big 3-0 this November.  I'm not sure why I have these feelings of dread and anxiety, because I'm the person who actually enjoys getting older.  Yes, you read that right.  I enjoy aging.  

My mom calls it having "an old soul".  I call it "not liking to be judged by my youth" (I guess it would be reverse ageism?)  I don't know.  But I've packed a lot of life experiences into my almost 30 years and I am proud to have come out the other side, thanks be to God.

But of course, with growing older, I don't necessarily want to look old.  And again, I'm thankful I was given a baby face, haha. To fuel my wanting-to-be-older-but-not-look-old-problem I came across and couldn't stop:
I will point out a few things:

  1. all these pictures were taken within the past year, so I've been 28-29 in all of them.
  2. '15'- kinda makes me feel sick haha
  3. does not take kindly to sunglasses and beards- instant agers.  Brian is 5 months younger than me but every.time. he was aged up, a lot.
  4. and last, the only one that put me above my age (at 31) was when Brielana was still a newborn and I wasn't getting much sleep.  But I'll gladly take a "31" to my feeling like I was slowly dying (moms get this, right?!).
All joking aside, I am looking forward to the next decade and am setting some pretty big goals to make sure I take advantage of all that "graduating into the next age bracket" brings.  I'm hoping that looks like financial security and home-ownership.  I guess with all new things comes that apprehension, the what-ifs and what-coulds.  And that's just life!

So friends, any sage advice about embracing 30?!  I'd love to hear your story!

Also, the little ole blog got a little face lift yesterday, courtesy of the genius that is Kristin.  I am loving the "interactive" IG and Pinterest icons but the blog button is hands down my favorite.  Thanks Kristin! 

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  1. I had Connor on 10/30 and turned 30 on 11/1 while at the hospital, recovering from 26 hours of labor and a c-section. My 30th year included a baby, a move from Ohio to Texas and learning to be myself in a whole new land. While 30 to 31 flew by, I learned a lot about myself that year. I also discovered that folks make 30 seem like a bad thing. It's not. You can either embrace it and love that you've made it this far (because really, many don't) and celebrate being who you are, where you are in life at 30 or you can struggle with something as simple as a number. Take your birthday and ROCK IT, Whitney!!

  2. 30 is amazing - you are going to rock it, mama! :)

  3. Happy almost? birthday =) 4 months...close enough!
    I loved that how old are you thing. I was always like 23, score! Chris was way older, he is two years older but it was like 45 every time. mwahaha. I told him it was his beard and glasses. Maybe those grey hairs. High five for looking younger.
    I'm happy to turn 30 myself too. I'm 28 so a year and half ish left, but it isn't a dread for me. I think 30 will be a great decade.

  4. I love the facelift! I noticed the top banner bar had an updated picture of Brielana where she wasn't just a sonogram picture anymore :) But I love the interactive Pinterest and IG too! How did she do that? I'd love the Pinterest one!
    Also, I wanted to note... I like the top right picture where Brielana is clearly a BABY and they thought she was 2 lol. I did this too and thought it was so fun!
    And... I turned 30 last year September. It's not so bad :)

  5. I was seriously freaked out about 30... but boy was I wrong. My 30's have been the best ever. So no instead of staying 29 I decided I would stay 30. I will be celebrating turning 30 for the 3rd time later this year when I turn *cough 32 cough*..... Haha!

  6. 30 freaked me out a bit, too. But, honestly, the past couple years have been some of the best yet! Embrace 30, it's pretty spectacular on this side of the number. :)


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