Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Guest Post on Sweet Turtle Soup

Sweet Turtle Soup

I'm super excited to be guesting over at Courtney's blog Sweet Turtle Soup today!  Courtney is probably one of the only people who could match me book for book when it comes to reading, so naturally I adore her (fellow bookworms, unite!).  I hope you'll pop over and say "hi!" :)

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  1. Just read the post, I thought it was cute!


    1. Thank you for going over and reading! :) Courtney always has fun content and I was thrilled to be invited to guest.

  2. Loved your Q&A over on Sweet Turtle Soup. The next time you go to Disney let me know! It'd be so fun to meet up!!

  3. Yes! When you come to Disney, we need to invite Desiree! She lives super close to me too! Ahh! A blogger meet up in the making!
    And I didn't know you were thinking of going back to work! When are you going back?

  4. Wahoo, finally getting around to reading it. I am always SO behind on blog reading :(.


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