Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Little Things: Girl Date

Kinsey and I had a "Girl Date" as Kinsey calls it and saw Inside Out.  It was the first time since Brielana was born that I have been to a movie so it was doubly special; one-on-one time with my first baby and enjoying concession goodies.  Popcorn with butter is my jam.  Fun fact:  my first job was working at a Movie theater when I was 14!

I enjoyed the movie but it was probably a little over Kinsey's head due to all the dialogue but she was transfixed to the screen the whole time.  At one point in the movie I was sobbing as silently as possible and she leans over to me and loudly says, "why are you crying?!"  Ha!

Of course we got our obligatory dark theater selfie and then ran into this fun stand in the lobby.  You can't pass up a picture with the Peanuts gang!

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  1. What a fun girls date! I can't wait to do these with M2.
    Ooooh, the buttered popcorn. I'll take a large bucket please and thank you. :)
    How fun is that Peanuts display? Awesome!!

  2. Aww! It sounds like you had a blast! And popcorn and butter in a must have for me if I'm at the movies too!

    1. Girl yes! It makes the movie theater experience THAT much better! ;)

  3. lol why are you crying? exactly why we went with minions instead of inside out.

  4. How fun, mommy/daughter dates are the best! That is funny she called you out on the crying!

  5. Ah so much fun! I love taking the girls out on separate dates. I cry in movies all the time and my girls look at me like I am crazy. Someday, someday they will understand.

  6. How cute!!! We wanted to take Mason to see that movie too but thought it might be a little over his head so we saw the Minions movie instead... which he probably didn't understand either haha. So fun you guys got to go on a girl date!


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