Monday, October 3, 2016

Announcing the Halloween Pajama + Costume link up {and a jammie round up!}

I have been d-y-i-n-g to share this announcement!!  Eeee!!!
Halloween pajama and costume party
And in the spirit of the season I've rounded up my favorite Halloween pajamas for boys and girls! Spoiler- Kinsey and Brielana's jammies are pictured, can you guess which ones?
Halloween Pajamas

Now grab your button and join us October 27th through November 3rd!
Work it Mommy

Linking up here.
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  1. Eek! I'm excited too. Love the jammies. Can't wait to see their costumes. :)

  2. So excited!!! Noah had the monster pair last year!!!

  3. We don't do pj's... well Halloween ones that is. But I'll totally link up our costumes after Halloween!

  4. You found some of the cutest jammies!! Marcus has a skeleton pair that he'll be rocking this month, but I'm on the hunt for something cute for Julia!

  5. While I like to think I dress my boys quite well, girl clothes always win! Especially girl pajamas!

  6. I put Connor in his glow in the dark skeleton pajamas and he refused to go to bed. He said that it was too scary to sleep in them.

  7. So cute! I hope they have the cat pjs. Love those.

  8. I LOVE holiday pjs!! I just ordered some for Mason and hopefully they come soon! And hopefully it gets a little cooler so he can actually wear them...

  9. Oooh, great round up of pajamas sweet friend! I can't wait to see your girls in theirs.


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