Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Festival at The Farm

Last weekend was a Fall Festival at The Farm. I had this marked on our calendar for weeks and have been counting down the days! There was some grumbling from Brian but I think he ended up having a good time.
It was thee hottest day, muggy and humid due to an incoming storm. And crowded. But the sky was gorgeous due to the storm and the lot was big enough to avoid bumping elbows. Always looking for that silver lining ;)

This was also our very first hayride! Granted you can't even tell we're on a tractor and we didn't get a family picture but it was still fun! Kinsey's face pretty much sums it up haha.

And this little lady. The first pumpkin she sees, she becomes attached. She lugged this thing around the whole time we were at The Farm. You could here her saying, "so heavy" as she held it in her arms. She is too much. 

Besides the hayride and pumpkin patch there was also a hay palace play area with a slide and the girls loved climbing up and down and going down the slide. Kinsey was on Big Sister high alert and would pick Brielana after she went down the slide. Every time. It was pretty precious.

And that checks off another Fall Fun List item!

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  1. Aww! What a fun pumpkin patch. Drew always grumbles about things like that too, but usually ends up having fun. I joke that sometimes he's worse than the kids. Ha ha! Glad you had a great time. Brielana carrying around her pumpkin saying too heavy cracked me up. Silly girl!

  2. What a fun day!! We had a blast at the patch last week, to. And what is it with daddies complaining about adventures like that?! ;)

  3. So much fun. Y'all are crossing things off left and right! We, we need to get BUSY on ours :P.

  4. Yay! I hoped you would blog about this. I’ve loved the photos you have shared so far. Too bad the weather didn’t get the memo that you guys were fall festival’ing! That always happens here, too. I love that Brielana picked out her pumpkin right away. Such a sweetheart! She just knew that was the ‘one’! Great pictures, friend!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun. I've been dying to go pumpkin picking.

  6. What fun! Did you end up buying that pumpkin for her?

  7. I like how you say it was hot and muggy and you are all in long sleeves and leggings and such. Pooor outfit choices lol?

  8. That first picture of you & your girlies is adorable! Definitely needs to be printed! It looks like you guys had a nice time together. The sky is beautiful!

  9. So much fun! I love all the photos you got over the trip.

  10. Fall in California looks so warm.... our is wet and windy. But I gotta admit, I like it :)

  11. That farm looks awesome. And huge!
    Can we talk about why California is so. dang. hot. this time of year? Everyone else and their mother is rocking the cutest fall clothes. Meanwhile, we're all over hear dying from heat-stroke. It's unfair.
    I love the Brielana carried that pumpkin the whole time! Those little arms got a workout, for sure!
    Also. You are not alone in the grumbling husband department.

  12. How fun!!! You know, I was going to say, yay! You got fall weather for the farm (based on your outfits), but then you mentioned how hot and muggy it was. Boo. Guess you just like to do like me and dress for the weather that you want it to be :)
    Regardless! It looks like you guys had a great time! Too cute that Brielana becomes attached to the very first pumpkin she sees and carries it all around, complaining how heavy it is and all!

  13. So much fun, minus the heat :) I love all the pictures of your girls, especially where they're hugging! So cute that Brielana was carrying around that pumpkin- that's totally something Reese would do.


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