Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Currently // October

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Reading// I only read one book this month but was it a great read! I had the honor of reviewing Life Creative: Inspiration for Today's Renaissance Mom by Wendy Speake and Kelli Stuart which calls moms to get back in touch with their creative sides during the midst of parenting. 
Being a creative person, I totally resonated with the authors call of being a 'Renaissance women'- a term reserved for for one who is generally known to be talented in many different areas (Speake and Stuart, p 18) because God placed those creative gifts in your life and denying them will only make you feel incomplete. 
I loved that this book was 1) God-centered and 2) written by moms, for moms. It is non-fiction and shares stories by both authors though it is written in a first-person narrative (the blended voice reads as one so there was no awkward transitions which I appreciated.) I caught myself many times nodding my head in agreement with what the authors had shared.
I think the most powerful part for me is knowing that other moms have walked my same journey and have been able to articulate the needs of motherhood both in giving yourself to your family and then being able to take back some time for yourself. I think as women we feel guilty in having "me time" but it really is important.
This book is a wonderful reminder to get back into the creative habit and it really sparked some ideas within me that I'm excited to get working on! 

Watching// It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown  and Hocus Pocus, for the very first time, ever. Kinsey is a big fan now and insists we have to buy it ;) 
Eating// Pumpkin everything. Naturally.
Looking forward to// My 31st Birthday! It's on a Wednesday (so horrible) but I have grand plans for the weekend before and after, lol.
Loving// The fall weather that teases me every other day.
Planning// Kinsey's class Halloween Party #ProudRoomMom.
Pinning// To my Stitch Fix Inspiration Board. I finally scheduled my first Fix and it arrives in time for my Birthday!

Praying// For rain. My Papa. And for some very dear blogging friends that have been heavy on my mind, sending some virtual hugs.
Wearing// My utility vest and all the scarves (when I can get away with it).
Trying// To get ahead on Thanksgiving prep.
Decorating// The last items still left to do before Halloween, like finishing Brielana's costume!

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  1. I dvr'd Toy Story of Terror for the kids and Cam has asked to watch it numerous times already. It's the Great Pumpkin Charle Brown is next on the dvr list. We missed it last week on tv, but I found it on the line up again this week. Thank goodness! Can't wait to see the girl's halloween costumes!!

  2. So wait, when is your birthday?! I need to have these things wrote down. Facebook tells me too late :P. Pumpkin foods and wearing the vest pretty much sums up my currently too.

  3. What kind of Thanksgiving prep? Love your vest pic! You look so great! And we had pleasant weather over the weekend and I enjoyed every second of it, but now it is only slightly cool in the mornings for just a wee bit. sigh.

  4. Hooray for your first Stitch Fix box! I hope hope hope you get a really great one for your birthday!

  5. We just watched It's The Great Pumpkin today! Marcus is obsessed with that movie. The first time he saw it (last year) we had it DVR'd, and I kid you not, he watched it almost every single day until Christmas (when Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown came out)!
    The cooler temps *might* be sticking around, and I couldn't be more excited about it. I'm SO OVER 90* heat.
    Your first SF!! YAY!!!! I hope it is filled with the best birthday threads!
    That vest with that dress and those boots - oh my gosh, SO DANG CUTE!!

  6. Birthdays, I love birthdays! When is yours? I can't wait to see your Stitch Fix. Yay!

  7. YAY for Stitch Fix!!! I hope it is the best! I can't wait to see what you get!
    Also, I SWEAR I wrote down your bday last year (when I missed it) and now I can't find it?? I'm so off my game lately. When is it again??
    Also.. GIVE ME ALL THE SCARVES. I'm over the hot. Thankfully it's been cooler but regardless of the temp, I'm going to continue wearing them from now on!

  8. I've been getting more and more curious about StitchFix - interested to hear what you think! And happy almost birthday :)

  9. I love that vest! Army green is one of my favorite neutrals to play with.


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