Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Finale {Picture Perfect Project #10}

This is a bittersweet post as this is the last link up for The Picture Perfect Project. When Beth first shared her concept for the link up I was so excited to be a part of it and the amazing group of women behind it. They are truly some of my favorite bloggers ever and it has been an awesome collaboration. But with all good things there comes an end. 

So, this will be a little different. Instead of sharing our monthly pictures (which seem to get harder and harder to take, thanks to Brielana and her "no" phase insert eye roll emoji) I'm sharing the whole collection of my Picture Perfect Project journey; ten months of glorious girl pictures!
The Picture Perfect Project finale
I thought I had everything so uniform but turns out every month varies slightly and that kinda makes me cringe. But then I realize, that's life; no two days are alike and they add up to the months and years that we cherish, flaws and all.

A few things I learned doing this Project:

I have loved using the Manual app and getting to control the settings. BUT with the new iPhone update it has taken some of the functionality away from the App (update coming soon, I hope!) and with the same said update has given iPhoto better quality pictures so I find I'm starting to use that more and Manual less. Enter my desire for a big girl camera, tenfold.
Editing is a serious asset. As much as it is time consuming playing around with all the settings and finding the right combination for you and your style, it is worth it

Taking time to photograph my girls has been a blessing. Making that conscious effort and documenting their growth has been so fun! Capturing their personalities on film is a treasure. And I won't be stopping that documentation just how I'll be sharing them :)

Bloggers make for some great friends. Need I say more? :)

Thank you for joining BethCourtneyDesireeElizabethStephanie and me and making The Picture Perfect Project a great memory keeper! Now add your link below! 
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  1. Whitney! This is so sweet. I loved reading about all of the positives you got out of this link-up! I am sad to see it go.

  2. Whitney, your photographic skills have grown tremendously since the start of the project! I've loved seeing each month of photos!
    You are so right about the editing. Up until a handful of months ago I had no idea just how freaking life changing good editing is!

  3. I hope to do something similar with Connor next year. I want to document his entire 4th year with a photo a day.

    1. A photo a week -- not a day. Holy too much!


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