Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Big Patch 2016

It isn't fall if we don't visit the big pumpkin patch with my In Laws! This marks our fourth year going and I always look forward to the trip.
It was a beautiful day, the sun was out but it was cool and I was thankful for my scarf. Brielana's orange polka dot top from last year's visit still had some life left in it and Kinsey had these orange leggings, so coordinating outfits happened again; made my mama heart proud ;)

There were so many varieties of pumpkins and gourds! I love seeing all the color variations, textures and shapes! Forgive my many close ups.

Brielana again bonded with the little patty pans and I picked up a few white ones. Kinsey went for a big one and as we were leaving, Brian realized he didn't get any! Haha. Maybe I'll share.
This Farm also has pheasants and turkeys so its fun to walk through the "aviary" but getting pictures was a no-go as the cages were double lined with chicken wire. But those tail feathers are gorgeous!
We also partaked (partook?) in a little corn maze fun. And by little, I mean short :( Due to lack of rain corn just didn't grow well this year. But it was still fun! And I guess when you're under 3 feet everything seems tall anyway. 

When we had had our fill of wandering the stalks we went over to my In Laws house to carve. Kinsey requested a "happy face with teeth" and helped clean out her pumpkin by touching one seed, haha. I'm a seed roasting fanatic so I made sure everyone put their seeds (all gut-free) in a bowl and then I knocked over the bowl into the dirt. Just shoot me. So I ended up sifting seeds and dirt for what felt like forever before they were deemed clean enough to eat. And then after all that I ended up burning them. Not my year for seeds, I suppose.
It was such a great day! And now we have one more patch to go to- a field trip with Kinsey's class that I get to chaperone(!!!) and we're all set for Halloween!

Checked off another item from the Fall Fun list:

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  1. Love that you guys go with your in-laws every year. That's so special. The pumpkins you grabbed are adorable. Who did the carving in your house? All Cam wanted to do was carve a pumpkin, but he backed out when we saw the pumpkin guts. Ha ha!

  2. What a fun tradition! I love the family picture! Everywhere we go, we see those "eclectic" pumpkins & Cash is set on getting some of those ones for next year, which is totally fine by me. I'm loving them myself.

  3. Such a fun tradition and you look so cute in that mustard, plaid combo friend. Family photo for the win! Those are so few and far between.

  4. How fun! I just love traditions and darn on burning the pumpkin seeds and what you had to go through to get! But the matching outfits, totally made up for it.

  5. oh my what a harrowing tale of pumpkin seeds! I don't like eating them and I don't like getting the guts off of them, but Chris always wants them. So we save the things and I never get around to baking them. I liked squash seeds though...I think squash..butternut probably. Had a yummy taste or maybe I just used the right seasoning that time. Not that I remember what it was of course.

  6. Your pumpkin patch looks legit! None of this road side business I see all over L.A. >eye roll<
    Everyone's outfits are on point, and perfect for the patch!
    I attempted roasting seeds last year, and while they were good, I just couldn't get them crunchy enough for my liking. Maybe a quick toss through the dirt would have done me some good. :)

  7. How fun! Bummer about the short corn though. And the seeds. I always ALWAYS burn mine, so I think I'll just admit defeat and not even attempt it this year.

  8. Sounds like the very best time and your patch looks awesome!!
    I love the coordinating outfits :) And of course the fact that you got to wear a scarf! All the praise hands! It's the little things :)


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