Friday, October 28, 2016

Final Rewind Friday // Halloween Slime

A few months ago I was brainstorming ways to get fresh eyes on some loved but overlooked content. I shared with a few of my blogging buddies and this link up was born. As my days have gotten busier with work, Kinsey's school and PTA obligations and the holidays approaching, Beth, Meghan, Stephanie and I have decided to end Rewind Friday. I want to thank each and every one of you who has joined us these past few months and for making my little idea a reality. So I'm going out with a bang and sharing 5 things this Friday!

The first thing is an archived post. I wanted to share a fun and easy Halloween sensory recipe for this final link up! Halloween Slime uses only six ingredients and keeps littles engaged and occupied for ages! Have fun!

Last weekend we had the privilege of seeing Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure at SAP Center in San Jose. This was the very first time I have ever seen any ice dancing and since it was Disney it was chockful of magic! At one point (during the Little Mermaid segment) I was actually crying tears of joy. Yup. Big ole ugly cry of joy. I can't exactly explain why but just being able to experience this awesome show with my Family was epic.
Not only was the show impeccably executed but the "extras" were spectacular; there was snow, bubbles and sparks going off during each segment. I felt like a giddy little kid! The other great surprise was the line up- The Lion King, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and Frozen were showcased and those are all our family favorites! 

I can't say enough wonderful things about Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure. Do yourself a favor and see it if it's in a town near you! We all pretty  much agreed that we need to see all the other Disney on Ice performances that come into town now :)

Sorry for the horrible pictures- we had great seats but the lights paired with my iPhone lens and I got kinda crummy pictures, it is by far more magical in person! And now you can save 25% off Disney on Ice Passport to Adventure with promo code MOM2

I got to chaperone Kinsey's first field trip to the pumpkin patch and we ended up going to The Farm! I had such a great time hanging out with Kinsey and her bestie the whole day.

I've been busy party planning for Kinsey's Kindergarten Halloween party and it is finally coming all together! I spent I don't even know how long putting these Mummy Favors together but they turned out so dang cute!

Kinsey's Dorothy costume arrived from Arkansas and Aunt Cindy did an impeccable job! I'm a little late in finding ruby slippers so I'm trying to convince Kinsey to wear her too small ones (not my finest moment) but I know we'll make it work.
Just ignore the crazy mess that is our couch, mkay? ;)

Have a great weekend, friends! Thanks for joining BethMeghan,Stephanie and I! Now it's your turn to add your link below! 

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  1. Disney on Ice looks like so much fun! I'm jealous because I want to go. :) Yay for the pumpkin patch with your girl!! She looks so happy. Have a super fun weekend friend!

  2. I remember taking my niece to Disney on Ice years ago when she was 4 (I think??)! She loved it but so did I! It really was magical and I couldn't help but tear up! It was the year tangled was popular and had a scene where they put the lanterns into the sky and I totally teared up!

  3. My girls would love disney on ice!!! How fun!

  4. While I do understand, I am sad to see this link-up go. I’ve enjoyed joining in the last couple of months. That Halloween slime sounds like a blast. I know Mase would love it. The Disney on Ice looks like so much fun. We’ve never seen anything on ice. Can’t wait to see how the Halloween party turns out! I know it will be awesome. Because you’re awesome! Mason’s class isn’t having a Halloween party, but I am sending goodie bags for each kid! Wait, your Aunt made that costume? She did an amazing job. Kinsey is the cutest Dorothy.

  5. Oh my goodness Kinsey is just the cutest! I STILL need to watch that movie with my girls, pronto! Disney on ice looks like a fun time too. I know my girls would love it.

  6. Aww, so bummed you guys are ending the Rewind Friday! I had it all planned out for November and December too. But I TOTALLY understand about how having enough time to do it all. Believe me, I GET IT.
    Oh that note, I love that you got to go to Disney on Ice! We've been going the past couple years around Christmas time when it comes and Seth's mom usually gets us tickets. It's always a fun time for everyone!

  7. Disney on Ice looks fabulous!! I'd love to go! I'm just not sure my guys would be as enthusiastic?
    Kinsey makes the cutest Dorothy!
    And The Farm?! My Iowa-heart is envious.


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