Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016 from The Land of Oz!

Happy Halloween from Dorothy and Glinda!

Dorothy costume by Aunt Cindy, Glinda tutu tutorial here.

Checked off another item from the Fall Fun list:

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  1. They are absolutely adorable! I love how big Kinsey's smile is. She looks so happy and proud. Brielana is the cutest Glinda I've ever seen. The feet shot is my fav though. Just a cool perspective.

  2. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love! And you know I can't get enough of that feet shot!

  3. Aaaahhhhh such sweet girls. Kinsey makes the best Dorothy ever and Brielana joining the fun is so sweet too. They look beautiful.

  4. I'm OBSESSED with their costumes!!!! I love love love them! They turned out so, so good!
    Happy Halloween!!!

  5. I just love their costumes!!!! Cutest Wizard of Oz characters around! Happy Halloween!

  6. Oh my gosh I am dying they are too cute, are the parents dressing up too? :) Scarecrow and tinman?

  7. I love matching costumes and pretty sure my sister was Dorothy at least one year growing up (she had the hair for it).

  8. Oh I love it! They are too precious. And these photos are great. You got some awesome shots and angles! Hope you guys had a Happy Halloween!

  9. YES!! Perfect and beautiful!
    I hope the girls have coordinating costumes forever and ever and ever.

  10. Their costumes are beyond cute! I love when siblings coordinate! And now I want a pair of red shoes ;)


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