Saturday, November 15, 2014

3 + 4 Month Favorites

3rd and 4th Month Favorites baby products

3rd and 4th Month Favorites by work-it-mommy on Polyvore

Play mat- Brielana gets down on her play mat (pun-ny, no?) to play, do tummy time, explore her world.  I like that its padded and has tabs to hang different toys in multiple locations.  
OBall- This was one of her first real toys.  She can grasp it easily and likes to watch the beads move around and hear them rattle together.
Lamaze Kerry Fairy and Freddie Firefly- her second and third real toys.  The Fairy is so cute and Freddie has mutli-sensory attachments.  
Bouncer Seat- when she's not on her playmate or in my arms, Brielana is reclining in her bouncer.  She will occasionally take quick naps in it too.
Mam- What I believe to be teething issues (or the beginning of teething issues) is soothed by sucking and or gumming on a pacifier.
Carrier Toy- This was a game- changer for car seat entertainment.  There is not nearly as much fussing now when traveling in the car or stroller.  She gets the most serious expression and really concentrates when hitting at these toys, its darling!

And I'm proud to say all of these, with the exception of the Mam's, are hand-me-downs from Big sister Kinsey and are in excellent used condition.  Saving us $$$ and being green in the process, score!

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