Thursday, November 6, 2014

Four Months

How old: 4 months
Weight:  12.9 pounds {up 5 pounds and 9 ounces.}
Length:  24.75 inches {up 5.75 inches}
Baby clothes: 3-6, 6 months size
Diaper size: Size 1
Sleep: Still has her 3 am feeding.  She has a morning nap, a long mid day nap and a mini nap at night a few hours before bed time.
Feeding: Every 4 hours.
Likes: Sucking on her fingers- no paci here and sticking out her tongue (see photo on right).  Watching her sister play.  Being read to.
Dislikes: Teething?!  I know its early, but I swear she's beginning to feel those teeth buds move.  We had our first bout of illness- a low grade fever (peaked at 100.8) and a slight reddening of the throat.  That was 2 days ago and I'm still scarred by the frequent night nursings and painful baby cries.  I definitely take for granted what a great sleeper she is!
Milestones:  Grabbing at objects and grasping them.  She can tolerate Tummy Time for greater stretches of time.  She is very social and loves to smile at everyone (the little flirt ;)  She is pure joy.

I love these sister pictures, they sum up the girl's relationship perfectly; Kinsey is very protective over Brielana (top) and Brielana adores her big sister and always grabs at her and touches her (bottom).  Makes my Mommy heart swell.

This well baby check up found us at a new Pediatrician's office.  Apparently, we were out of network at our old Ped's and was charged well over $1,000(!!!) for 2 month old shots, much to our horror.  I loved our former Pediatrician; he was mine and I saw him up until the age of 17, so suffice it to say, I am heartbroken to have to leave his practice.  But I find a little consolation that our new Ped is wonderful and sweet and Kinsey likes her, so that was the golden seal of approval.  The office is clean and new and the staff are friendly and efficient.  A bittersweet situation all around.

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