Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful Banner

DIY thankful banner for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday; being thankful is such an important life skill that is cultivated by purposely and continually being grateful for what the good Lord has blessed you with.  It is a trait I want my daughters to grow up expressing fully so starting young is important.

I made this Thankful banner using felt cut into leaves and strung on twine, glitter gold scrap booking paper traced and cut out into letters, and mini clothes pins and banner tags (all bought from Michael's)  It was a quick DIY project that really speaks to my heart.  But my favorite part is the thankful tags- each night I ask Kinsey what she is thankful for and then write it down and date it.  Here is a sample of what my 3 year old daughter is most thankful for:

2)friends: Adriana, Maddie and Bella, Peyton, Scarlett and Baby Beau
3)her toys
4)Sawyer and Stella
6)dress up costumes
8)her Aunt Hailey
9)new and old books

{Happy Thanksgiving!!!}

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