Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving menu

I am the organizer, list-maker, keep-everyone-in-line Person in my Family (there's always one! Are you that person in your Family?).  With that being said, I write out the menus every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas and then each person puts dibs on what they want to make; since many hands make light work. Amen.

Every year I make the sides- a potato dish and a vegetable dish and they vary every year depending on what I feel like eating.  Usually it's mashed potatoes or this creamy herbed potato recipe from The Pioneer Woman (I've been making this one for 3 years straight and don't see an end in sight! Soooo good!!!) And for vegetables, it's usually a green bean casserole but I'm switching it up this year and trying this new recipe from Martha Stewart for asparagus tart.  I realize asparagus isn't in season right now, but living in California has its advantages.

My brother is making the turkey and gravy (2nd year) my Gramma is making cranberry relish and chestnut stuffing (both Family recipes) and my mom is making the acorn squash and garlic butter for the store bought french rolls.

And wouldn't you know?  I just realized we are missing a crucial element- dessert!  I don't think I would have lived that down as the Organizer, am I right?! Ha.  Back to the drawing board folks... :)

{You can visit my Thanksgiving Pinterest Board for some inspiration!}

And that's just my Family's celebration.  We also go over to my in Laws house and eat some of their fare too.  We don't take "Gobble, gobble til you wobble, wobble" lightly.

I'm thankful my husband is off so he can celebrate with us though not necessarily partake with us- he likes to go on a vegetarian diet around this time every year lol.  The man is silly but I love him.  FYI: Gardein makes a great vegan alternative that we really enjoy, if anyone is interested.

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