Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stocking Stuffers for the Family

Round two of My Favorite Things: Stocking Stuffers!
Stocking Stuffers for the Family

Stocking Stuffers for the Family by work-it-mommy 

The Hubby:
iTunes gift card- Brian is obsessed with downloading new music.
Amazon gift card- when in doubt, Amazon!
Beard Wax- this is almost a gag joke, but also practical.
See's chocolates- gotta have chocolate on Christmas (basically any day ending in "Y")

Piggy Paint- by far Kinsey's favorite accessory  I love how they are formulated with all natural ingredients, the tagline is "Natural as Mud" :)
EOS- gotta keep those baby lips soft and protected from the winter weather.
Caged Bird Blog- I originally found this lovely Etsy shop when ordering a birthday bracelet for a friend of Kinsey's.  We're now both smitten with her designs.
Crayola- my little creative girl needs new art supplies and the glitter in these crayons are so festive.

Monogram stocking in white- adding her own Monogram stocking to our family collection; I'm most excited by this purchase just to see them all hanging together on the mantel.
Cloth book- Sandra Magsamen is wonderful!
Personalized Pacifier- sooooo cute!  I can't resist.
Carter's Pajamas- paired with a red cardigan and possibly a Santa hat, this girl is going to be celebrating her First Christmas in style.

{And for the Family fur babies:}
Stella the Dog:

Sawyer the Cat:

Can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with and get inspired all over again!

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  1. Such fun ideas! Don't forget mama! Be sure and spoil yourself this holiday. :)

    1. Well aren't you sweet! I'm hoping hubby will see my wish list from last week ha! Thanks for visiting :)


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