Monday, November 3, 2014

The Pinterest {Closet} Project

This is the first time linking up with Sheaffer at Pinterest Told Me To for Pin-Spired and I am jazzed!  I've said it many times, but Sheaffer is awesome and was this blogs very first comment-er.  So needless to say, she has a special place in my heart (and I've said that before too. Ha)

So, why am I just now linking up?  Well, as a newly minted SAHM, I have found myself in a bind- wanting to buy a million and one things and not having the funds to do so.  It was much easier having two incomes and justifying I "needed" something and just buying it, than having one income and prioritizing needs versus wants.  And nowhere is a shopping trip a NEED.  But, in utilizing Pinterest I hope to shop my closet 1) smarter and 2) more creatively.  Because there are all kinds of fashion geniuses uploading outfit combos I never even knew worked together (thank you, fashion mavens!)  And maybe secretly I want to be voted the best dressed SAHM in my circle ;)

Here is my pin-spiration:
Sheaffer highlighted this look last year {I'm just a little late...}
(but sadly, original blog post is no longer available.)

I loved everything about this look and totally lucked out because I had all the elements already, no shopping trip required.  And since that's the whole point of my Pinterest Closet Project, I'd say I'm already batting .500!  Yay me! 
My plaid tunic is Gap circa 2010(!!!), gray jeggings from Old Navy (purchased 2 months ago and only available is Plus sizes) layering tank is Old Navy Maternity (haha I'm telling you this for total transparency.  Actually, I really like the length of maternity tanks because I have a longer torso and it seems to even me out.  Plus, I did just give birth only 4 months ago.) OTK boots from Delia*s last summer.  I wish I was into super-accessorizing, but give me my wedding ring and let's call it a day, mkay?
All in all, I call this a success.  And will definitely be linking up again!

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  1. Really cute!

    Being a stay at home mom is hard on your budget, that's for sure. But it sure is worth it!

  2. Love this look! It's our first time linking up, too - wish we would have done it sooner because it's fun to see what everyone is sharing!

    1. Thats exactly how I feel!! Guess we have to make up for lost time :)


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