Thursday, January 21, 2016

17 and 18 Month Favorites

The Wonderful Things You Will Be//LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket//Re-Play Divided Plates, Purple/Pink/Green//Freshly Picked moccasins//Fisher Price Ferris Wheel

Brielana's great gramma gave her this book for Christmas. I absolutely adore the illustrations and empowering sentiment behind this story. I will definitely be checking out the Author's other books!

We have finally upgraded Brielana to eating from plates instead of straight from the highchair tray. Actually, interesting little side note, she refuses to use the tray and just likes to be scooted right up to the table (we have a bar-height dining set.) Guess she wants to be a big girl now, sob.

This picnic set was a Christmas gift from her paternal grandparents. SO stinkin cute! We have picnics all the time. And the catchy songs get stuck in my head.

I've lost my mind over FP moccs. Just thee best.

Another home run gift from Brielana's great-Aunt. I love all the classic toys Fisher-Price is re-releasing for new generations to enjoy. They're classics for a reason- children love them! And it brings back fond memories for parents :)

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  1. We love those Re-Play plates! They come in such fun colors too! I see that book everywhere and I've been meaning to pick it up for Mila. This post has me sold. I'm buying it ASAP. It looks so cute!

    Mila boycotted her high chair soon after she turned one. Absolutely refused to sit in it - screamed bloody murder if we tried. Darn babies need to be babies a little longer! I love the independence, but stay little please!!

    Brielana looks SO cute in that pic!

  2. That book looks adorable! Never heard of that one. And those Moccs truly are the cutest.

  3. I adore re-play plates so much! I love the retro FP toys, too! I've added a couple to our boys' wishlists!

  4. We have that picnic basket too. We got it for Emmy for Christmas. It's so much fun! Cam and Emmy fight over the food inside. Ha ha! The FP moccs are amazing!! I totally agree on that one. :)

  5. Cute list! I never heard of that book before, but I'm gonna look for it next time we're at the library or bookstore.

  6. Cute items! I can't believe she is still in her high chair! I swear Xavier was out of it by 1! lol!

  7. I have been thinking about getting my friend's little guy a pair of FP mocs. Have you tried other companies? I wonder if other brands would be just as good for a fraction of the price.

  8. Yep, the FP moccs are the best.
    I've not seen that Ferris wheel before! I'm going to keep my eyes open the next time we stroll the toy aisles.

  9. That book looks adorable! Checking it out immediately!

  10. Oh, that picnic basket and ferris wheel are so cute! Mimmy would love those! Need to add to our Amazon wish list!

  11. Parker got that picnic set for Christmas as well. She may be a little too yet still because she actually tries to eat the one that looks like a Ritz! Then she gets mad. HAHA.


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