Friday, January 1, 2016

Word of the Year 2016

And just like that it's a whole new year.

I enjoy the freedom of having a fresh start once that ball drops at midnight but can not abide resolutions; I feel like all they do is set me up for failure! But a word is something I can do. A little meditation on the word I wanted to embrace for 2016 and I have arrived at: 


An adjective-

done with intention or on purpose; intended:
an intentional insult.
of or relating to intention or purpose.
Synonyms include designed, planned, deliberate.

I want to be intentional with my time. Family time being the priority; making that extra effort to reconnect at the end of the day with Brian. Getting down-on-the-floor playing with Kinsey and Brielana. Giving less time to trivial things (hello, social media). Making a little Me time and not feeling guilty about it (Moms, can I get an "Amen"?!)

I want to be intentional about the things I say; I have a bad habit of letting words fly when it isn't necessary and holding back when it is appropriate to share. I want my words to encourage and can afford a little extra time to think through things before saying them.

I want to be intentional with the things I teach my daughters. This ranges from educational to the mundane but I want to truly consider the quality of the life lessons I'm sharing with them at this young age. 

I want to be intentional with my days and not feel like I'm coasting through life or waiting for something to happen to me; I make the choices that dictate my life. I am choosing to do so deliberately.

Do you have any goals for 2016? What is your word?

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  1. What a great word! :) I thought about making this my word for 2016... I'm still working on mine, but I think I've got it.. .now just to find time to write the post haha! Happy new year, Whitney! XO

  2. This is a great word! I totally feel a lot of the same ways you do.


  3. LOVE this!!! Definitely something I could be better at as well. I'm not sure I have a word for 2016... but more of like 10 words. I don't know if that's good or bad? lol

  4. Such a great word! Dang, I feel like I need to write a new post with all of these great inspiration words!

  5. So many great words! Everyone's words are making me realize I can work on a lot this year!

  6. I love your word!
    I chose two. Balance and Simplicity. So far so good!

  7. Love this! This was along the lines of my idea for last year, which sometimes worked out, and sometimes did not. I probably should've just forgone all resolution type ideas last year since I had no idea how crazy life was gonna get with a toddler and a newborn.

  8. Such a great word this was really up there on my list too... I think it may have ended up being my runner up.

  9. If only we could always abide to this rule!!

  10. Wow! I'm impressed with your word. I definitely want to do intentional things as well and will be working toward that. Now to pick my word. Ha ha! Great choice friend!

  11. I love this! There are so many good words this year!

  12. Hey mine is close to yours! We're more than #stomachsisters :)

  13. Great, great word! Although I chose a different word, I want to be more intentional this year, too!

  14. Intentional was my word a few years ago, probably one of the most powerful I've chosen. Can't wait to hear how you do this year being more intentional!


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