Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Quarterly Goals {January/February/March}

Taking a cue from my word of the year, I want to be intentional with the goals I have planned and be accountable. Sharing them on the blog will be a wonderful motivator (I'm hoping) but I don't think doing a monthly check-in is where I want to go with this, so I'm starting slow and doing quarterly updates to see how it works; I'm a "trial-and-error" type of gal after all. 

Write 3-4 posts a week
Start a blogging series: The Mommylogues Series
Cultivate my blogging friendships
Grow my social media reach, specifically Facebook. I just started a Work it Mommy fan page and I would be beyond grateful if you liked it :)
Work on my Photography skills, including editing and content: The Picture Perfect Project

Organize and purge toys/clutter/clothes
Meal plan more effectively
Write out a Chores List and stick to it

Start a "no phone zone" designation (saw this on Leah's blog and totally loved it) and be firm
Make one-on-one time with Kinsey and Brielana
Have a regular Date Night with Brian

Daily Devotional, time in The Word. I have been away from Bible Journaling and it's got me down. I can't think of a better pick-me-up than time spent with Jesus
Continue to make time for reading, using Goodreads Reading Challenge
Take my physical health more seriously by implementing an exercise regime

Continue to plan material in advance
Incorporate more art activities
Include more large motor activities

I know these will keep me busy for the next three months and if I need to adjust or change some things I will update you in April ;) Thanks for being a sounding board!

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  1. You will be busy!! Just liked your FB page :)

  2. Love your goals! I have a lot of the same ones. You've got this girl!!

  3. I somehow missed The Picture Perfect Project - I'm really excited for this. A perfect excuse to up my photography game! I just discovered your FB page the other day and gave it like. I've had one for a little while but I am terrible at keeping it up to date. Sounds like you and I are on the same page with a lot of our goals. Good luck, friend!

  4. Great goals! I know you will do well sweet lady!! I am excited to follow along as you tackle these goals!

  5. Love these goals! I got a note-taking Bible for Christmas, so I may give Bible journaling a whirl!


  6. These are some great goals!! You can do it, lady! xo

  7. These are some great goals! I definitely have some of the same. :)

  8. Bible journaling? That's so cool!! It looks like you've got a great year ahead of you!

  9. I totally feel ya on the family goals. I really want to make sure everyone gets some one on one time at least weekly, including myself. Good luck!

  10. LOVE that you did quarterly goals!!! I feel like that is definitely attainable. I'm hoping planning monthly goals but it seems kind of overwhelming so maybe I'll do bimonthly goals? Is that a thing? lol. Anyway, I love all your goals! You're gonna rock this!

  11. These are great goals Whitney! I think I need a no phone zone too. Sometimes I let it take over my life!

  12. You've got some great goals!! I'm working on something kind of like a no phone zone. It's been a little more challenging than I care to admit, but my family deserves me to be present with them, and not stuck in my phone.

    I can't wait to see what photos you have for the Picture Perfect Project!! And, I'm pumped to start reading the Mommylogues Series!!

  13. Love your goals friend! Excited to see what you do in the fitness regime area!


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