Thursday, January 7, 2016

Snow Play {TTBH #4}

Welcome to another edition of Teaching Together Blog Hop!

I don't have any complaints (mostly) about our California weather, but I will say it lacks a true winter season, which is a bummer because Kinsey has been all about snow lately. She hasn't even seen real snow before so this simultaneously tickles me and makes me feel guilty (mom guilt is too real.) So in an effort to assuage the guilt and enjoy our winter (more like hard Fall) these are the snow-themed activities we have been enjoying recently:

If there isn't a story involved there just isn't much point, who's with me?! We picked up a few of these from our recent library trip but most we've owned for a few years. Did you notice the board book Brielana snuck in there? ;)

Toilet paper roll Stamp Art//
Inspired by Sarah and wanting to use up some of my TP rolls that I find myself hoarding (and totally blame Courtney for...) Kinsey made a Family of snowmen.

Sensory Play//
It's no secret I'm a big fan of sensory play. Here is a little recipe for some Powdered Snow Dough:

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Powdered Snow Dough
A soft and fluffy "dough" that lends itself to wintery sensory play. Add acorns, sticks and buttons to create snowmen. The possibilities (and fun!) are endless.
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup baby oil
Mix the flour and baby oil until combined. Enjoy! This dough needs a little more patience and a soft touch to form so it may take some practice on behalf of the littles.

Brielana's also gotten in on the sensory play fun. I've set her up with our Frozen Elsa Ice playdough and some straws and she goes to town, playing and building up her fine motor skills. Occasionally she eats some but since I made it, I'm not too concerned (minus the glitter part, that's just yuck!)


And for a special treat, we used Kinsey's Olaf snow cone maker that she got from her great gramma. It's a darling invention but I get carpal tunnel every time I have to crank the little handle.
And that's what we've been up too!

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  1. We love skippyjon jones snow what!! I bought it around Christmas time. It's so cute!! We won't have snow for a little while yet but I do love snuggling up in the house with hot chocolate and some good books. Now if only Emmy would sit still long enough to read together. Cam would sit for hours but Emmy can barely last one story.

  2. I wish I could show Aria snow too! Esp when all the Christmas books and such almost always have snow. Hard for her to get that we don't get snow here. Loving that olaf haha.

  3. That is a bummer you guys are not able to experience the snow at least once this year, next time it snows here, I would be happy to send some or most of it your way! I gotta try the Elsa play doh with my daughter, she loves Frozen and play doh so it is perfect. Miss Brielana is concentrating so hard on it, too cute!

  4. What fun snow activities! I love the frozen playdough with straws! Such a good idea!


  5. We have only received one snow fall this year and I'm in Canada!! I know I am perpetuating the stereotype that we live in igloos (which we definitely don't!) it's usually much colder and whiter this time of year around here. I am not complaining though! Here's hoping you guys get to see some snow this year before spring!

  6. Such fun ways to teach through play. I never realize how simple it is to make snow dough!

  7. What fun activities! Love the snowman toilet paper guys, going have to remember that one. Wait it's called Pinterest, haha :)

  8. Love this! So many great activities! Those books are great...except we have the Skippy Jon Jones book and I have no effing clue what the heck is going on in that book. I hate it! Mac loves it, of course, but I refuse to read it. I don't get it! ;) And now I'm going to have to make snow dough with the kids this weekend! Fun!

  9. "Hard fall" - LOL!! So true! I felt TERRIBLE when we had to leave the Midwest and Marcus basically begged us to stay so he could play in the snow longer. While I'm not much of a fan of the cold and snow it broke my heart to whisk Marcus back to California.
    We just may have to make those snowmen, looks easy enough, and short enough to hold all of our attentions. :)

  10. The toilet paper roll is such a great, cheap, and easy idea for kids this time of year. Love it!

    Kaitlyn @

  11. I love her TP snowmen!!! So cute!! Great idea!
    Also, I feel ya on the no seasons thing. I mean we ACTUALLY had rain the other day for THREE days in a row. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. And the fact that it's finally actually cold. It's a miracle. BUT the snow... I'm seriously thinking about taking Mason up to the snow for a day! If only all that gear weren't so expensive and to wear it once...

  12. Cute ideas! I always think the best part of California is the lack of snow, or the fact that you can visit it briefly and leave again. The few times I've gone somewhere snowy I slip and slide all over the place. Sno cones and books I can get behind though ;)

  13. Love these great ideas! We've only read one of those books so well keep our eyes out for the others!

  14. Love these great ideas! We've only read one of those books so well keep our eyes out for the others!


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