Thursday, January 28, 2016

Currently// January

I'm changing up how I do my monthly recaps; Where I'm at Wednesday is now Currently and this is my first installment. I probably could have just skipped that whole blurb but I like transitions (blame the preschool teacher in me) and also like explanations ;) And this is a bonus 2-for-1 because The Man Behind the Blog series is doing this format for it's January questions!

Watching// Anything Kinsey wants to watch, right moms? I have been watching Supergirl and Heroes Reborn and I'm not sure how much I actually like them? I'm still deciding.
Brian: Expedition Unknown
Reading// Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna
Brian: Nothing really
Listening to// My sweet babies little voices. Brielana's been saying "No" all the time now and it's hilarious! It's deep and long and always accompanied by exclamation marks, "Noooooo!!!"
Brian: James White's The Dividing Line podcast 
Dreaming of// Sleeping the night through. Teething, I loathe you.
Brian: My days off
Brian: Hot Cheetos, that's why I bought bagels and cream cheese so I can make a sandwich. ***Has anyone else ever had this?! At our high school that was the way to eat them. It's surprisingly good while lacking any nutrition value at all*** 
Brian: Nothing really
Wishing// My car will be fixed and not cost a zillion dollars.
Brian: What's the difference between wishing and dreaming?
***Touche, touche.***
Obsessed with// I got nothing
Brian: My Play Station 4.
Loving// The colder weather; because I'm inside more I get around to projects I usually ignore, like dusting and organizing.
Brian: My Play Station 4.
Planning// Kinsey's 5th Birthday Party. She requested a Mermaid Theme!
Brian: Rearranging furniture on the weekend.
Yeah, it's a pretty busy weekend over at our house, haha.
Wearing// All the layers. And thinking I may actually need rain boots.

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  1. rain boots? hunters? I need those too!
    I like how your answers are usually longer and his are right to the point. pS4 twice though I think that breaks the rules somehow...!

  2. Oooh a mermaid theme will be cute! I was gonna do baby's nursery in that theme if it was a girl and there were so many ideas online!!!

  3. What the heck is hot cheetos?! His answers crack me up! Everyone needs rain boots sister! I love my Hunters :)

  4. I need to know more about this hot cheetos business. Recipe post maybe? haha!

  5. Aaaahhhh friend we both did ours his and hers! Do you live in my brain, seriously! When does Kinsey turn 5?! Emily's is around the corner too and I am TOTAL slacker when it comes to parties. I guess we could balance each other out a bit lol

  6. I love the tandem Q&A!! Keep them coming.
    Does Brian really make cheeto sandwiches? Did I read that right??

  7. Hot cheeto bagel sandwich??? Oh Brian... not sure about that one! 1 because I don't like hot cheetos (just regular!) and 2 because... well... it sounds kinda gross! lol. I've put regular chips on a sandwich before but never cheetos!

  8. Good question, what is the difference between wishing and dreaming?? ;). I love Barbara Kingsolver. Haven't read the Lacuna though. Let me know how you like it!

  9. Okay so the bagel Cheetos sandwich sounds kinda gross. Ha ha. I'll take his word for it. I giggled at the difference in your answers. :)

  10. Love love love how you both answered these. And I love how different your answers are. That would totally be the case with Nathan and I. So, a bagel with cream cheese and hot cheetos. Huh! Have you tried it? or only Brian?

  11. I love the his/hers responses! I hope your car didn't cost a fortune!


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