Monday, September 7, 2015

13 + 14 Month Favorites

13 and 14 Month Favorites
13 and 14 Month Favorites by work-it-mommy 

Brielana is just growing right along!  It amazes me how much she understands and engages with us and the world around her.  Children are awesome!  Here are her favorite products from the last two months:

Brielana has been getting a kick out of brushing and playing with her hair.  If only she would leave the clip in she wouldn't have her bangs in her eyes.  But since I haven't even cut Kinsey's hair yet, I'm not going to with Brielana either (it's the principle of the matter ;)

This stacker is a classic toy but if it's not broke, don't fix it.  She likes to chew on the rings (big surprise there) though she hasn't quite gotten the hang of putting them back onto the stick, this is still a winner.

We got the Princess castle from a friend and both girls like to play with it.  There's sound and a dancing song comes on and Brielana gets down to it every. time.

I just discovered Les Petits Fairytale books and adore them!  The illustrations are darling and you can never go wrong with books!

A xylophone is another old school toy, is it not?  For my music-loving baby it hits the right notes (ha! I couldn't help it!!!) and it gets out some baby aggression, too!
I won a pair of Freshly Picked moccs from Tis Our Life Blog and am dying to get my hands on them and Brielana's feet into them!  They are en route to our house as I type and I am beyond excited!!!

Leggings are the best bottoms for babies and children; stretchy to accommodate playing/climbing/running, soft and goes with everything.  Both Kinsey and Brielana have a dozen pairs between them and wear them almost every day.  Old navy has the best price point and a huge selection.

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  1. Dressing little girls is so much fun! I'm happy we had a boy (for so many reasons) but would honestly be BROKE if I had a girl. Connor is easy to dress and style. A girl has so many options.

  2. How awesome that you won those FP moccs! I'm so looking forward to cooler weather so I can start dressing Julia in leggings.
    And the stacker, to this day, is something Marcus will occasionally pull out and play with.


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