Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Comparing my Daughters First Years

Kinsey and Brielana wearing the same outfit at 1 year old
I thought it would be fun to go back through Kinsey and Brielana's Baby Books and see how their first years compared.  Generally, they seemed to hit the same milestones around the same age, but for posterity sake, I wanted to see it side-by-side all in the same place.  And what better place to do it?!  :)
Kinsey, 1 month//Brielana, 2 months
The First Year:
First Smile: Kinsey, 1 month                                        Brielana, 1 month
Laugh: Kinsey, (no date)                                             Brielana, 3 months
Rolled over:  Kinsey, 4 months                                    Brielana, 3 months
Discovered hands/feet: Kinsey, no date/ 4 months     Brielana, 1 month/ 4 months
Clapped: Kinsey, no date                                            Brielana, 8 months
Sit up: Kinsey, (no date)                                              Brielana, 6 months
Crawling: Kinsey, 7 months,                                       Brielana, 7 months
Solid Foods: Kinsey, 6 months with purees                Brielana, 5 months with  BLW
First Word: Kinsey, 7 months "mom"                          Brielana, 6 months, "mom-mom"
Wave bye: Kinsey, no date                                         Brielana, 9 months
Walked: Kinsey, 11 months                                        Brielana, 11 months
Danced: Kinsey, 14 months,                                       Brielana, 13 months
Slept through the night: Kinsey, 2 years                     Brielana, not there yet
Kinsey and Brielana on their 1st Birthdays
Kinsey had 3 teeth by her first birthday.  Her first tooth was the bottom right incisor and it came up on November 29, 2011 (9 months old).
Brielana had 6 teeth by her first birthday.  Her first tooth was the bottom left incisor and it came up on February 10, 2015 (7 months old).
Kinsey, 16 months// Brielana, 14 months

Weight/ Length:
Birth: Kinsey, 7.12/ 19.5             Brielana, 7.12,/19
One: Kinsey, 9.10/ 22.5             Brielana, 9.7/ 21.5
Two: Kinsey, 11.3/ 23                Brielana, 11/ 23
Four: Kinsey, 13.6/ 25.25           Brielana, 12.9/ 24.75
Six: Kinsey, 15.10/ 26.25           Brielana, 13.12/ 25.7
Nine: Kinsey, 17.11/ 27.5           Brielana, 15.10/ 27.1
Twelve: Kinsey, 18.14/ 29.75     Brielana, 17.13/ 28.5
The same park, the same swings
The biggest differences has been the hair (because Brielana was born with a head full) the teething experience (in hindsight, Kinsey was the easiest teether in the WORLD) and introducing solids (BLW is amazing!)  I delight in watching my girls grow and discover new things and I look forward to each and every new day and achievement that comes our way. I am so thankful I get to call them mine! 

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  1. What a wonderful idea! They seem to be pretty similar!

  2. The hair is a huge difference :). My girls were always so super close with all their milestones too. Marissa was just a hair ahead of Emily in everything.... except walking. Emily started walking right at 10 months and Marissa was 10.5 I guess she wanted to beat her at something. Emily is also measures a teensy bit smaller than her older sister too. So fun comparing the two just to try and pick out the differences.

  3. I love how similar but different they look. I mean, that might sound crazy, obviously they're sisters, but they look so much alike but definitely have their differences to make them unique. I was going to say it too, but you did already :) Their hair! Brielana's hair is so long and so dark and Kinsey's hair is much lighter. I love it!

  4. This is such a fun idea! I have all of Marcus' milestones archived on the blog, and I plan to do the same for Julia. But doing a comparison of them is so fun!

  5. Funny that you don't realize you have something so easy until you do it again and it isn't quite so easy the second time around. Aria was an easy teether I think apart from the molars of doom. I don't really remember any of Aria's milestones though! Good thing I wrote them down haha.

  6. The side by side pictures are adorable! It's crazy how similar yet different siblings can be. Love the comparisons!


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