Wednesday, September 16, 2015

14 Month Update

I was at a turning point when that 12 month mark hit two months ago and considered stopping the monthly updates (I didn't do one at 13 months) but then I had a good long think and I decided to continue doing them for another year.  It is great documentation and Brielana's Baby Book stops at 12 months and only does yearly updates until 5.  And plus, I enjoy doing them :)

How old: 14 months
Weight: 18 pounds (up 11 pounds)
Length: 29 inches (up 10 inches) 
Diaper size: we are just now upgrading to a size 3
Baby clothes: 12-18 months and some 9 months and 24 months thrown in (random, I know)
Shoes: size 3 or 18-24 months
Sleep: Because of the molars cutting (final one!  YES!) sleep hasn't been very restful but I am ever hopeful it will settle back down to a solid pattern soon enough.
Eating: Only nurses at night.  She is my eating champion.  Her new favorite fruit at the moment is figs and freeze-dried mango.  
Likes: Still climbs on ALL THE THINGS and thank goodness she's tough because she tumbles off all the things too.  She gives the best wet kisses and her hugs are full body squeezes.  She insists on walking to Kinsey's room every morning and gets so excited when she sees her lying in bed.  Drinking water out of water bottles.  Animals and being outside.  She smiles and waves to everyone and makes friends at the grocery store.
Dislikes: Being behind a baby gate. Not being able to do whatever Kinsey is doing.   
Milestones: She is starting to use a fork when eating, it's the cutest thing.
Words:  Boy is she is picking up on random words!  Mom, mommy(!!!) but sounds more like mommeeee, hehe, daddy, dada, doggy, kitty, meow, Kinsey (ken-zie), baby (babeeee) eye (and will poke you too!).  Still points to things of interest.
Receptive Language: Brielana knows the meaning of words like "outside" and "upstairs" and will go to them.  She also knows phrases like "get Kinsey" or "give to daddy".  She knows where her hair, nose, teeth, and mouth are.  She amazes me every day, my little sponge.

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  1. I think that 12-18 months is the age of maximum cuteness!! Enjoy!

  2. I've came to the conclusion that all second children our tougher and more adventurous. The climbing things seems to be one trail second children have in common the most!

  3. Oh goodness baby clothing sizes are just crazy. SO inconsistent. I agree with Sarita too, this age is just about my favorite. So fun and sweet.

  4. I swear she gets cuter and cuter with every picture you post. Just love that sweet smile of hers!

  5. What a doll!
    Doesn't baby clothes sizing just blow your mind?! How are all sizes not sized the same (does that make sense)?!!


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