Monday, September 28, 2015

Favorite Scarves + Fall Scarf Exchange 2015

Who doesn't love a good scarf?  I would wear a scarf year-round if the weather permitted it (and in my hometown it usually does, this summer was just abnormally h-o-t.)  I couldn't pass up a chance to talk about my favorite scarves, so settle back and get ready for some cozy goodness.

It's not a surprise I get the majority of my scarves from Gap and Old Navy.  I love the quality and the price and when you are a Cardholder, they like to spoil you even more.  But I have found some cute ones at H&M, Forever21 and Kohl's.  I am usually gifted scarves for birthdays and Christmas because everyone knows my weakness ;)

Infinity, blanket, cashmere, knit; I like big scarves and I can not lie (who just sang that in their head a la Sir Mixalot?!)

And if you're looking to add another scarf to your rotation join Courtney, Elizabeth and I for the Fall Scarf Exchange!  

Fall Scarf Exchange

The basic idea of the scarf exchange is simple - you buy a scarf for someone and someone buys a scarf for you! And then in a couple weeks, you join us back here and share what you got!

Here's how it works :
Step 1: If you're interested in participating in the exchange (and we hope you are!), please send Elizabeth an email with subject line "2015 Scarf Exchange". Comments below are always welcome but WILL NOT include you in the exchange. Please make sure you send Elizabeth an email at if you want to participate. Please include your name, your email, your blog url (if you have one), your Instagram name (if you have one), and any other social media links that you'd like to share with your partner. Please also include your country (exchange is open to US and Canada residents only) - this will help with the matching! 
Sign ups will close on Monday, October 5th at 9pm Pacific Time so please make sure you email by then.

Step 2: Partner matches will be made on October 6th and emails notifying you of who your partner is will be sent that night or on October 7th.

Step 3: Please make contact with your partner by Monday, October 12th. You guys can discuss things like what kind of scarves you typically like (infinity, regular, etc), any fabric preferences or allergies to fabrics, etc. You can even share a picture of some scarves you already have to give your partner an idea of what kinds of scarves you typically like. I would also encourage you to check out your partner's social media handles and blog to get an idea as well. You'll also need to exchange addresses.

Step 4: If you haven't received any contact from your partner by Tuesday, October 13th, please email Elizabeth at and she will match you up with someone else.

Step 5: Mail your packages by Monday, October 26th. That gives you 2 weeks to go shopping and get the package in the mail.

Step 6: Come back and link up your blog post with us on Tuesday, November 10th to show us your goodies! No blog? No problem! Share your new scarf with us on social media with #FallScarfExchange15

A little bit of additional information :

  • Please plan to spend about $20-25 BEFORE shipping on the scarf for your partner.
  • As mentioned above, the exchange is open to US and Canada residents only.
  • You do not need to be a blogger to participate. You can get to know your partner through email and social media.
  • Please make sure that you can commit to all the dates before you sign up. You don't want to leave your partner cold and scarf-less this Fall and Winter!
  • And please let me, Courtney or Elizabeth know if you have any questions!

Linking up with Andrea, Annie, Beth, and Vanessa.
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  1. Love it! Have you seen Dragon Tails? Kids show. It might be off the air now, but growing up my best friend had two little sisters and when we'd watch them sometimes we'd all watch Dragon Tales? or I think tales ha. Or Scoobie Doo! of the dragons says 'looooooooooooooooove it' in a certain way and I swear I've been saying it that way since then. so that is the way I'm typing it =) If only I wore scarves.

  2. YAY! SO excited!!! (ps trying to convince Courtney (above) that she should participate this year and tell her partner she just needs a light scarf because of the Florida heat!)

  3. So fun!! Now if only the temps in SoCal would follow suit with the season!

  4. Love this idea of a scarf exchange!!! Precious!

  5. I can not wait to shop and receive. It's finally FALL here... the weather later this week is mid 60's and that's my scarf wearing JAM!

  6. Awesome! I'm totally in this year!! Sending my email now!!

  7. I just signed up. So excited to participate!!


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