Thursday, September 3, 2015

Brielana's Bites: Summer fruits

Summer has the best fruits in season and we took advantage of it!  From berries to stone fruits, Brielana loved every sweet, juicy bite.  She actually will always start her meals by eating her fruit first, regardless of what kind it is.

Peaches, cheese quesadilla, mixed olives

Baby corn, halved purple grapes, potato pancake.

Black beans, quesadilla, blueberries

Water crackers, tuna salad (mayo, celery, pickle) sliced cheese, strawberries

Steamed broccoli, spaghetti and marinara, frozen petite peas (loves these while teething!)

Looking forward to Fall and the overabundance of squash, pumpkins, pears and satsumas! 

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  1. Wow! Look at her go! I love the varieties of food that she'll eat. Mason is actually a really good eater too and will eat pretty much anything (when he wants to lol). He will pretty much only refuse something because that's not what he wants at the time, not that he doesn't like it. In fact when we went out to dinner the other night he ate tomato and cucumber and pita bread from our hummus appetizer and then some sweet potato tator tots, half of his mac and cheese, a HUGE watermelon slice, and then TWO pieces of pizza from Seth and my pizza. I think he ate more than us!

  2. Mmmmmm... now I'm craving all the fruit! YUM!
    You'll have to post recipes that use squash! I never know what to make with it!

  3. What lovely simple meals!!! And what a wonderful eater :-)

  4. What a great eater you have! Fruits are always a pretty safe bet with Marcus, but as for the rest of his picky palate - not so much.
    You'll have to tell me more about these potato pancakes...

  5. That is pretty much amazing... my 4 year old wouldn't eat most of that, lolololol! I have TONS of butternuts almost ready for harvest. Mmmm!!!!

  6. What a great variety! and I have no idea what a stone fruit to Google

  7. I love these meals you prepare for her! I think I will have to pin this for when I have kids :)


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