Monday, September 14, 2015

Hour by Hour Weekend: September

It's another Hour by Hour weekend!  This one is short and sweet because I'm feeling a little lazy on this Sunday evening ;)

Brian was off on Saturday and it was a nice relaxing Family Day.

Someone was bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The BEST granola ever! (Nature's Path Love Crunch)  It's basically dessert for dinner.

Who is this teenager?  She has been obsessed with that WetBrush since Thursday.

Enjoying time in the Word.

Decisions, decisions...

This lady woke up happy from her nap.

Made a Safeway run and snagged a cookie.

How you watch the game when your cable provider doesn't carry the channel.

And what you do when you don't want to watch the game.

Some cuddle time

A nice blogging session courtesy of Nap #2

I'm ushering fall by wearing my plaid pjs, but this girl is summer strong in her Hanna fruit jams, is that what they mean by "a house divided'? ;)

Brian worked from 6a-12noon and it was amazing because it was like he had another day off (but if you were to ask him, it wasn't like that at all.)

These two matching Cheeser faces slays me!  BEST way to wake up!

Just some puppy kisses to brighten the day.

Sleeping Beauty

You can't tell but Kinsey is wearing an Ariel dress up and insisted on watching The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea

I'm having more fun using my Illustrated Faith stamp set and working on my hand lettering.

Playing with Aunt Hailey's kitty ears.

Hashtag spoiled.  She got a new doll house because she "really wanted one" and grandparents do that kinda stuff.

The last of the summer strawberries.

This face: she had just told me, "stop taking pictures mom!"

Cookie time!

Aunt Hailey's Sticth collection.  Needless to say, she is quite the hit when we go over to grandma's and papa's.

Carseat sitting fancy.

How you take your nap when you fall asleep in the car.

I am ending my weekend recap here. What you won't see is: me snacking on the couch watching TV, Brian and Kinsey reading books at bedtime and Brielana and me being night owls due to her late nap.  Maybe next time!

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  1. Happy Monday! My favourite is the two cheese faces. Such cute smiles!

  2. I love these little snippets of the weekend! I've been wanting to do this and have a reminder set on my phone to do so this weekend.
    7:55AM would totally be sleeping in for this house. If we can keep our eyes closed past 6:30AM it's a miracle.
    I LOVED the chevron in your Bible. So pretty!
    I've been hearing about Paper Towns - if/when you read it you'll have to let me know how you liked it.
    That dollhouse! Sounds exactly like something Marcus and Julia's grandparents would do.

  3. hahah about the dollhouse - because she wanted one. I know that. Aria was playing with great grandma old roller skates and the next day she asked for a pair. I said daddy and I would think about it. So she said 'tomorrow?'. Maybe great grandma wants to get her a pair lol. She even found some at Target when we went. Too bad she didn't show that interest before I got her her big potty present.

  4. Ah what a great weekend you had. That IS the best granola EVER. I bought a similar one at Aldi on clearance one time... I almost bought a whole case it's so dang good. I have pinned some recipes for it but never gave it a try.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Laid back and fun :) I love Kinsey's "stop taking pictures mom" face LOL. She's like I'm done documenting this weekend! Kids. They don't understand :)

  6. Oh I love that you shared your weekend! I love seeing what folks do behind the blog scene. What I wouldn't do for naps. Connor hasn't napped in forever and I miss lazy afternoon of reading or watching TV while he slumbered away.

  7. Love love love the idea of this post! Looks like a great weekend and the pictures are adorable!


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