Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer Lovin: Odds and Ends

Well, it is almost time to say good bye to Summer and though I'm not too sad about it, I figured it was the best time to wrap up our Summer Lovin' Bucket List to make way for our Fall Fun List (coming soon!)  And plus, I like closure.

So, an "odds and ends" roundup of the remaining items we accomplished this Summer:

We went on approximately 6 picnics this summer and not a one was fully documented.  Brielana, bless her food loving heart, is the only one who sits long enough to eat :)

In our community there is a Farmer's Market going on almost every day and for some reason this one almost didn't happen.  My excuse?  When your husband works for WFM the last thing he wants to do is browse other people's produce ;)  But us girls we're able to visit one on a day he worked and had fun sampling the wares.

Kinsey and Brielana big puffy heart bubbles and having a bubble machine totally ups the fun factor.  

We have definitely had more than one BBQ also, but when you throw food in front of my face, I forget other things, like taking pictures of food (Because I've already eaten most of it before remembering, oops.)  Brian is the grill king, taught by his StepDad (thanks Dave!)

We did pretty good!  It was a stretch to put "Camp in the Backyard" (I'm not a happy camper) and our "Fair" plans fell through (and I'm not sure if I even like going to fairs? haha) and "Hiking" just fell off my radar.  But there's always Fall to pick up the slack!
Summer bucket list

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  1. I totally failed at our Spring Bucket list. I don't know what happened but I just blanked out on the majority of it. I kicked it up in Summer and did well but I live for Fall so that's going to be the easiest Bucket List ever!

  2. Such a fun summer you guys had!! I need to update ours. I am so behind on everything. It's been crazy lately. :) Cute pictures!

  3. You did so awesome on your bucket list!!
    We have a bubble machine too, and Marcus just loves it. I love it for the fact that I don't have to sit and blow a million bubbles for 45 minutes. HA!
    I've been meaning to get to a good farmers market around here, but just can't seem to find one that really stands out and makes me want to go. When I think of LA I do not think farmers market... :/

  4. You did great on your bucket list!! Camping in the backyard... just send Brian out there with the girls, well maybe just Kinsey, and call it good! LOL. Say you have to stay inside to watch Brielana! I don't like camping either so I don't blame you :) This morning there was a baby lizard in my work (we have a warehouse and they often sneak in through there) and I FREAKED out and I was the only one there so I trapped it under a trash can, put a heavy box on top of it and waited until the boys got there. As you can imagine, I'm not an outdoorsy person :)

  5. You got so much done this summer!! And I don't really like fairs either. The crowds, lineups, messiness, no thanks haha

  6. You did so well on this list! I'm not a camper as well but think I'll have to suck it up and do it soon for the girls' sake!

  7. You did so good girl. It looks like you had a fantastic summer too, hooray! Can't wait to see what you have planned for fall!


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