Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Brielana's Bites + Giveaway

I realized I hadn't done a Brielana's Bites post in awhile (forgive me) so to make up for it, I'm having a little giveaway! Just scroll to the end if you're impatient ;)

Our highlighted meals included:
1// a deconstructed meatball sub using meatless meatballs
check out those fork skills!
2// vegetable soup (with the broth drained so she can feed herself) and a grilled cheese sandwich
3// a jelly sandwich, black olives and apples slices with peanut butter
4// roasted brussel's sprouts, pasta and chicken cordon bleu with marinara sauce

Brielana is still the most adventurous eater and I contribute it to Baby Led Weaning, all the way. The first resource I found was Brittany's blog and I loved her book, A Mom's Practical Guide to baby-Led Weaning so I'm giving one away! Just fill out the Rafflecopter below. Good luck! Contest runs from Tuesday, December the 15th through Monday the 21st. Open to US Residents only.

Linking up with Beth.

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  1. Our little man has been a food puzzle this time around. The other two took "typical" baby purees with no big deal. This time he's more of a solids man, which makes me think baby-led weaning might be our journey this time.


  2. I love to see the sweet little babes eating and trying things for the first time. Mason is not so cute eating anymore :) lol. I do love that you feed her what you're having, you just tweak it a little to make it easier for her. That's what we do to and it makes it so much easier at dinner time!

  3. We did BLW with Aria. Loved it. I could totally go for a meatball sub now too. Aria however is no longer my good little eater of all the things. Sigh. I'm just happy that she likes fruits and veggies, but she would probably eat crackers or french fries for every meal if I let her as well ha.

  4. We didn't do much of BLW with Jude, but I think I would love to try it with baby #2!!!

  5. BLW weaning is definitely what I contribute Lily's love of healthy foods. We didn't even know what BLW was with her, we just did what was natural because quite honestly, would you want to eat pureed food all the time? With Ben, we understood more of the "virgin gut" concept and as a result waited past the puree food stage anyway. Speaking of..I should do a little foodie post. Too bad you have dibs on the BEST alliteration. ;)

  6. Just scroll to the end if your impatient, lololol. Oh girl. Such a great eater that little one. Hope your having a great day friend!

  7. We started BLW at 6 months. Now at almost 10 months, Parker will eat anything! She even likes kale. These kiddos eating their greens! ;) Hope I win!

  8. Julia is thisclose to foods! I think we're going to try a little different approach than we did with Marcus. We followed the whole grains/rice/oatmeal, then pureed veggies and fruit, and then meats - and Marcus is a terrible eater. I'd LOVE if Julia could try a different approach and be better about foods than her big brother!

  9. I love how open she is to trying different foods! I don't know much about baby led weaning but it sounds like it worked!

  10. She eats brussel sprouts?? I didn't even try them till my 20s. Perfect timing with this post. Can't believe Declan is only a week and a half away from eating solids. Though I'm sure he would've started months ago if it was up to him.


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