Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Where I'm at Wednesday: Holiday Hangover

On the Blog//
Enjoying and recapping all things Christmas!

Checking off all our Christmas Cheer List, o.k, everything except one.

Gingerbread Blossoms! I'm filling up on all the holiday goodies I can since we tend to get a little stricter with our diets come the new year.

I got into a little slump with reading but I feel like I still finished the year out strong; I have read 40 books and surpassed my Reading Challenge amount of 24 (I guess that means I have to up the amount for next year.) I read Alice Hoffman's The Museum of Extraordinary Things and Jenna Blum's Those Who Save Us.

So this is going to date me but watching Nick at Nite is a completely different experience these days! It's not even called that anymore and it's actually Teen Nick haha. I've been watching reruns of Friends and have been enjoying myself immensely! (I know you get it, Amanda.)
Looking forward to//
The new year! I don't make resolutions but I do feel like it's a clean slate and should be started on the right foot. Then, after January it's Kinsey's 5th Birthday and we're hopping to make big plans!

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  1. Only one thing you did not mark off? That is pretty good! I am with you on new year resolution this year just ready for 2016!

  2. You did so well on your Christmas Cheer list! Way to go! Happy NYE!



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