Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Decorations 2015

The day after Thanksgiving is when I bust out all the Christmas decorations and run around like a madwoman putting everything up. I feel like this is the only way to do it, fast and furious. Anyone else? No? 
We all know my favorite spot to decorate is the mantel. 
The stockings are my favorite (and if you need stocking stuffer ideas, I've got you covered!) all purchased from Target over the years.
My new favorite may be the shadow box with jingle bells, an easy, 2 minute craft using a free printable from here and bells from World Market (purchased a few years ago.)
You can't forget the Nativity scene, this one was a gift from Brian's grandma (G-ma) from 5 years ago.
And these little mini trees from Target Dollar Spot (5 or so years ago) are the best. I had originally bought one for our apartment and one for my classroom and now both are used at home. The other mini tree is in Kinsey's room.

This is her book shelf, it got the most love; her mini tree, chocolate advent calendar and her gingerbread house.
Those sweet, battery-powered reindeer lights were another Target Dollar Spot find from this year.
I have made two felt trees since Kinsey's second Christmas (this one is the second version) but all the felt ornaments are originals, I need to make a personalized one for Brielana now!

And this is my version of a card holder: twine, washi tape and paper cut outs. Easy peasy and oh so darling (if I do say so myself ;) I will probably add some more layers of twine as more Christmas cards arrive.

And there you have it! Our decorations for Christmas 2015! If you're feeling nostalgic here is last year's Homemade Christmas.

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  1. Love the stockings on the mantle! If that doesn't say Christmas nothing else does. The handmade felt tree is awesome. I am in the process of making one for the kids. Hopefully it's finished so they can use it before Christmas. Ha ha

  2. How I love mantles! So pretty!

  3. So cute! I wish we had a mantle! All the little trees are so adorable!

  4. I love your twine and washi tape tree for displaying Christmas cards. Easy and unique!

  5. Looooove the mantel! I wish we had one to decorate. Maybe some day.
    Those mini trees are the cutest! I can't find them anywhere! I know Marcus would love having one in his room.

  6. I love your mantel! Great Christmas decorations!! I've been using twine for Christmas card display as well, but my display isn't quite as cute as yours. I just hang the twine and use mini clothespins to clip the cards to it. I might have to give the tree idea a shot next year! :)

  7. Everything looks great! The felt tree will be perfect for Declan next year. I wish we had a mantel to decorate. I'm definitely on the other end of the decorating spectrum. It took us three days just to decorate our tree ;)

  8. Love the stockings and love the Christmas card holder!! I hang mine on my mantle, but I might just have to steal that idea in the future!


  9. Adorable! So many cute ideas! Love the card tree!

  10. I have been wanting to make one of those bell frame decorations. Yours came out so cute. And I love love love your nativity. Ours is similar to yours, but we only have the 3 pieces. My dream is to have the Willow Tree Nativity one year! I never saw the battery powered reindeer at our Target. Bummer. Those are precious.

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you're displaying your cards... as you know I do :) I also like to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. I will admit I did pull out the lights slightly before but that's because I love them so much! The rest came out after :) I do want to get new stockings though but can't figure out which ones I like the best. Such hard decisions!

  12. I am obsessed with your Christmas card tree! What a brilliant way to display them!

  13. Very cute decorations! Love the Christmas card tree too! :)

  14. Everything looks great!
    Your stockings are beautiful and I love the white nativity set!!

  15. Love the decorations. Your stockings are so sweet and that twine card holder tree, LOVE it. Oh I just love looking at Christmas decor.

  16. I love the mini trees. It's all very pretty!


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