Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Cheer check-in

Since by some unforeseen (read unintentional) reason, I only had this day open to do a Christmas Cheer check in so get ready for festivities overload!

We sent out our Christmas cards on the 11th because I was waiting on my custom Mollie and Lou stamp! It definitely added much needed flair to those white envelopes. Did your card arrive? ;)

Though I have not documented our "watch Christmas Movies" I promise they have been enjoyed nightly! Kinsey can't get over Home Alone 1 and 2 and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. If you want to see our favorites, visit here. And along with our movie watching, we've been enjoying hot cocoa like it's going out of business. Adding a candy cane is the quickest way to Christmas nirvana.

We toured Candy Cane Lane last Tuesday and it was probably the coldest night of the year. Candy Cane Lane is a neighborhood two towns over that decorates with lights and wooden cut-outs and mechanicals that has been going big for at least 30 years. We arrived a little too early, as in, the sun wasn't setting for another 10 minutes and we were getting restless sitting in the car early, haha. We got to walk the neighborhood three times before calling it quits but by then all the lights were on. It was magical albeit freezing.
A few things about these pictures: The girls look so much like me here, it completely tickles me. Usually they just look like themselves. Also, Brielana is now saying "gees" and cheeses so hard whenever she sees a camera!

We have done a few baking projects already: sugar cookies (which we cheated and just used a mix even though Becky was so sweet and shared her recipe with us), gingerbread blossoms (which I'm sharing tomorrow) and some non-festive banana chocolate chip muffins because, well, our bananas were browning.

The only item we didn't get to check off is Christmas at the Farm; I was s-i-c-k that day and it took a visit to a health clinic, a pack of antibiotics and some bed rest (however slight) to feel well again. But there's always next year!

How is your Christmas bucket list coming along?

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  1. Well done!!! That town looks awesome and I love your cards!

  2. You did an amazing job with your list!
    Your card arrived a while ago and is on display!
    We've had so much hot cocoa this month! I always add a candy cane, too. It's delightful.
    Your Candy Cane Lane looks so cool! We are trying to make it to our Candy Cane Lane, but each time we want to go something always pops up. I have high hopes we will go tonight.

  3. Great job! Home Alone is our fave! And that stamp is adorable!


  4. You killed your Christmas bucket list. I wish I could say that same about us but between me being sick and Connor now having something, we are just lacking on our holiday cheer this year.

  5. So festive, so fun!! I loved your card, especially the stamp!! :)
    Cute baking pics, looks like you have a GREAT helper.

  6. You have been busy, I love it! I was thinking about introducing Home Alone to Liam this year... We'll see if it happens. And we too are on hot cocoa overload!

  7. Wow you guys have been busy! So much festiveness! I love your cards - and the stamp!!

  8. You put my Christmas check list to shame - which basically just said buy gifts! haha I tried to introduce the Grinch to P but she is still too little. Frozen on repeat it is!

  9. Great job!!! Love your cards :)


  10. You go momma! I'm impressed with all you've done. Love your Christmas card!!

  11. Seth is obsessed with Home Alone also. I honestly can't believe we don't own it (I should have thought about this before Dec 22 - oops). I, personally, like Elf!
    We never made it to CandyCane Lane but I wish we did! I already have a list of things I want to do next year that we didn't do this year!

  12. So much fun stuff! Even with a sick day you guys got a lot done. I don't think my kiddos are at Home Alone age just yet, but that is a good one. The Grinch and Charlie Brown have been favorites over here this year. Right now Joe's working from home and we have the oh so Christmasy Jurassic Park playing...bah humbug ;)

  13. Wahoo! I some how managed to squeeze 3 posts in. Good job on your list friend. It looks like you have had the best time celebrating this Christmas season!


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