Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Favorite Christmas Ornaments

There is something so special and heartwarming about unwrapping Christmas ornaments year after year; reacquainting yourself with the beautiful baubles that grace your tree; some gifted, some made and some inherited, but all cherished. When Jenny shared this link up on her blog, I just had to be a part of it, albeit a couple of days late!
I do not own that many ornaments. I don't buy new ones every year. I purchase only those ornaments that really speak to me. It makes for easy decorating because every item hung is truly loved. So, on to the ornaments!
2008 was the year Brian and I got married and his Aunt Cindy sent us this ornament to commemorate out first Christmas.
I also bought this monogram S that year because, monogram.

One of my all time favorite students picked out this ornament especially for me. Girl new exactly what I liked, pink and sparkly. Her signed name just slays me, 7 years later. And I am proud to say we are still in contact :)

2009 both Brian and I celebrated our birthdays at Disneyland and I gifted myself this ornament to remember the fun visits!
2010 we spent our Christmas at Brian's grandparent's new home and us ladies were able to choose an ornament off the tree. This one just does it for me and now Kinsey calls it the 'Elsa snowflake'.
2011 was our first Christmas with Kinsey and we bought two ornaments to celebrate the season, a Family one and Baby's First.

2014 was Brielana's First Christmas and I went on a mad hunt to find another Lenox ornament to match Kinsey's. Macy's came through in the best way, I even got it for 50% off!

Childhood ornaments:
My mom made this clothespin ornament when she was a kid and I absolutely adore them (there are only 3 left, a wise man shown below, a fireman missing an arm and Santa.)
I got this from my neighbor and childhood friend when I was 8. I still see her occasionally and she is actually having her 3rd daughter sometime this month!
In high school my gramma and mom picked this one out for me. Ariel is one of my favorite Disney Princesses.
I actually have my eye on a few ornaments this year, so it's safe to say the collection will be growing a little bit more :) Do you have a favorite ornament, or 10? :)

Linking up with Annie and NatalieJenny and Vanessa.

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  1. Love all of your ornaments and what they mean to you! Isn't it awesome how our ornaments tell a story? :)

  2. How fun! Love the baby's first-- both times around!!

  3. I adore keepsake ornaments. Yours are so special!

  4. Your tree is so pretty! Love all of the ornaments you shared!

  5. I love the stories ornaments tell! Those Lenox ones are classic!

  6. I love hearing the stories behind ornaments & why they are so unique to everyone. The "Elsa" snowflake is beautiful!

  7. Thank you for linking up with us! You have some great ornaments, and it's fun to hear stories behind them =)

  8. Don't you love pulling out each ornament and reminiscing about them? I'm drawn to the sweet ornament your student gave you. :)

    Ornaments are a big deal in our house. Ever since I can remember my mom always gifted us one each Christmas, we always snag them when we go anywhere, and for every life milestone we pick one up. I have so many favorites because each tells a story.

  9. I love how these are all so special! The one from your student and the one made by your mom are so meaningful!

  10. I love the meaningful ornaments too! My mom gets us each a Hallmark one every year and they are always my favorites :)

  11. I love the special meaning behind each ornament! My grandma gave me one every year, so I have a huge collection of memories!

  12. Love your ornaments and how they all have special meaning! I actually stole (borrowed?) my baby ornaments from my parents and now hang them on my tree too. I still love them... all these years later :)

  13. So fun to take a look at some of your ornaments. Ariel is one of my favorites too :).

  14. Love that all your ornaments have a story behind them. The baby's first Christmas ones are my fave.


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