Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Pajama Party 2015

Today is the day! Christmas Pajama Party time!!! I have had the girls in their Christmas jammies since December 1st in anticipation for this link up. One, there's nothing cuter than babes in holiday jammies. Two, coordinating Brielana and Kinsey is one of my favorite things to do (maybe a little too much. Hope they don't grow up with complexes, hah!) 

I got some night pictures with the tree:

I really need to invest in a tree skirt lol

And some morning snuggles:
Nothing like an awkward sibling kissing picture.
And this chair. This was Brian's when he was little, I should really ask my MIL if she can find any pictures of him sitting in it. I have one of Kinsey from every Christmas, minus one year (2013) and now Brielana can join in on the tradition. L-O-V-E.

I'm b-e-y-o-n-d bummed this is blurry but it's too cute not to include.
Then I realized, you can hardly even see their pajamas! I die. But these two are so darling I know you'll forgive the oversight. And plus, these aren't even brand new, so I'm not even going to worry about citing them. See, a silver lining ;)

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Thanks for joining Stephanie, Jen, LizJessica, Elizabeth, Meghan, Crystal and I! Link up below!

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  1. Christmas jammies are the best! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Omg!!!! Lol I don't have a tee skirt either! I just haven't been able to commit. You know what I've been using? Lol the previous owners shiny gold curtains!! They are just ugly enough to be fabulously acceptable!!

  3. Adorable! Pajama parties are so fun and I especially love Brielana's! And don't worry, I don't have a tree skirt either! I just ended up laying a bunch of white fabric down there

  4. Adorable! Their jammies are cute even if they are a bit covered up. Ha ha! Love the chair. We totally need to see pictures of your hubby as a kid in it.

  5. Your girls are the cutest together - love these photos! The blurry one - melt my heart!

  6. They are too precious! I love their little smiles and hugs!


  7. Oh my goodness they are so sweet. Love the penguins. Every year I say Im going to buy a better tree skirt and I never do :/. So when you get one, get a good one.

  8. Oh my goodness they are so sweet. Love the penguins. Every year I say Im going to buy a better tree skirt and I never do :/. So when you get one, get a good one.

  9. I love Christmas Jammies! Next year I am buying more than one set!

  10. Christmas jammies are my FAVORITE! They're the only holiday jams I'll even buy. Forget the other holidays, I save my spendings for this holiday and its pajama goodness.
    And, look at those sweet girls and all their sister love! Adorable.

  11. Ok seriously matching jammies are my FAVORITE EVER. The girls look so dang cute in their Christmas jammies!!!

  12. Awe they're adorable! They look like they have a lot of sibling love for each other. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.

    Kaitlyn @

  13. Those girls of yours are just too cute!


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