Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Family Smith Christmas Guide

That title is pretty self-explanatory, am I right? I love the ease of having everyone's wants front and center and having the visuals makes it pretty :) 

Brielana's Christmas Wish list

FP Moccs/Vtech set/Re-play Recycled plates/Clanger/Alice tshirt
Brielana doesn't need much, I'm pretty sure she cares more about the discarded wrapping paper than the actual gifts, but these few things would be put to good use. 
young girl's Christmas wish list
Kinsey's Christmas Wish List by work-it-mommy
Kinsey is one of the easiest person to shop for, she literally likes everything. She gets excited when other people open gifts so when anyone asks what she wants, I let them know, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. After some Target trips and talks about not getting everything on our Lists, we narrowed it down to these top contenders.

I am one of those people who really likes getting gift cards, having the freedom to get whatever I want, whenever I want to, is such a wonderful liberty. But these other items would be nice to open up on Christmas, too ;)
Brian's Christmas wish list

Brian is a typical techie guy so getting electronics is his love language (thank goodness he knows how to use them, because I am pretty much technologically-impaired. One would think he could teach me, but that's not the case haha.)  

As much fun as it is to get and give gifts, I do want to stress the most important thing about Christmas is in celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus. For He is the real reason for the Season.

What's on your wish list?

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  1. Oh that poncho and that shirt and that dutch oven... I am swooning. Love your lists, they are absolutely perfect. Russ' list would probably consist of beer and old car parts, lololol.

  2. Yes! I am very much a visual person, so I agree. I love those Mocs. And everything on your list – yes, yes and yes!!! I don’t have a wish list put together yet. I am so bad at those (for myself). Thanks for the ideas!!

  3. I'm really wanting a poncho now after seeing so many people style them! You'll love those re-play plates!

  4. Great lists! You are so on top of things! I am seriously slacking this year. I need to check out the Peanuts stuff you shared - Mila has been loving Charlie Brown lately.

  5. I hope you get what you want! XOXO
    Those plates and the moccs are the best! We have that vtech toy, too, and Liam loves it!!!

  6. The real reason - AMEN!
    With that said, I'm pretty sure every little one NEEDS a pair of FP moccs - just saying. :)
    That Snoopy book just might have to find its way into my Amazon Prime cart soon.
    Doesn't ON have the best clothes out right now? I was "browsing" online the other day (like five minutes ago) and they have such cute stuff out!

  7. Those plates are awesome!! Great idea! I'm also a huge fan of the moccasins. I won a pair for Emmy and I can't wait until they fit. Gift cards are a great gift so you can get something you really want. The Peanuts stuff is so cute!

  8. I want EVERYTHING on your list! I just realized that that plaid top comes in a tall size so it might actually be long enough to wear with leggings?

  9. You are on your game!!! I have hardly bought anything for my youngest because he has all the hand me downs!

  10. They have a Lego Princess set?!?! Lily is all about legos and allllll about Princesses but I have NOT seen that set! Will definitely have to look. Also, girlfriend!!! You NEED that dutch oven!!!! I am convinced they make food take better!!


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