Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Little Things: Dating my Husband

Monday was Brian's 29th birthday and to celebrate my mom watched the girls and we went out on a date. It was the first date we've had since Brielana was born (9 months ago, yikes!) 

Brian wanted to try a new restaurant Alvardo Street Brewery that just opened downtown, (and I use that term loosely, seeing as our downtown is basically 2 miles long haha.) and as luck would have it, it was slow and quiet. Maybe it being 4:45p on a freezing, cold Monday had something to do with that?

We shared a brie, pear, arugula, balsamic flatbread as an appetizer (delish!) and for the main course, I ordered artichoke ravioli and Brian had the lamb shank with mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts (not pictured); to say we were in food heaven is an understatement. To make the evening meal even more special, my gramma treated us as a present to Brian.

A quick walk down the street is Peter B's, another local brewery and Brian's favorite pub. We had a quick half pint before picking up a slice of  peanut butter pie for dessert from Rosine's.

It was wonderful to dress up, get out of the house and spend a meal eating hot food with my Main Man on his birthday. It is something we realized we want to do more often and I look forward to the possibilities of dating my husband.  Again.

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  1. Sounds like a great night! The food sounds yummy too! Happy Birthday to your main squeeze :)

  2. So true...especially with keep that romance alive! xox Christine | Amidst the Chaos

    1. Indeed Christine! Almost more so ;) So glad you came to visit.

  3. Dating is even more fun after kids because you appreciate the time together so much more! That's what I think, anyway :)

    1. I totally agree with you Brooke! We definitely appreciated the alone time more because it is a rare happening.

  4. oooh getting to eat a meal without a kid around. The other day we got home late and it was willy nilly dinner night, but mine took a bit longer to warm up so Aria was already. So, I got to eat alone at the table - it was incredibly relaxing haha. She was still running around near me, but I didn't have to pay attention to her at all because dad was watching her. Any little respite!! Now going out? Even better, and ending with pie!


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