Friday, April 3, 2015

Brielana's Bites: Lunch

Well, we've added a few more things to Brielana's Master List of foods eaten: Brussels's sprouts, tilapia, tuna, grilled onion, hot dog and avocado (I know, late for that one, considering it was her sister's second food ever  but they just weren't looking good and now they are!)

Baby Led Weaning lunch ideas

On to the menu!  (From left to right, top to bottom)

1) cheese stick, quartered cherry tomatoes, sliced avocado and sugar snap peas (string and ends removed)
2) frozen peas and chicken and cheese quesadilla
3)  roasted asparagus, Babybel cheese halved, peeled and sliced apple, sliced strawberries
4) deconstructed fajita with sliced avocado and shredded cheese
5) homemade pizza with cheese, asparagus, zucchini and quartered cherry tomatoes
6) steamed broccoli, cheese stick, roasted sweet potato
7) hard boiled egg, quartered cherry tomatoes, canned tuna, roasted asparagus
8) homemade meat sauce, pasta, sliced avocado and cheese stick
9) raspberries, Babybel cheese halved, Applegate hot dog quartered

You can also see our Breakfast foods.

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  1. I love seeing posts like this, I am always on the look out for lunch ideas. And i love that picture, soooo cute!

    1. Have you tried Baby Led Weaning?! It is so fun to see a baby eat real, whole foods only using her gums! (Technically, Brielana has 2 teeth now and a few more trying to break through, but she was definitely toothless when we started 3 months ago, ha!)

  2. I love reading these food posts!!

    1. Thanks Whitney! They are fun to do, so Im glad you enjoy them!

  3. Thank you so much for posting these wonderful meal ideas! I've been stuck in such a "food" rut as to what to give my little guy. All he's eaten has been garlic toast, musk melon (cantaloupe), pineapple, mango, and garlic toast. haha.

    1. You are so welcome, Sage! I loved getting ideas for what to feed Brielana, so it is great to know these have helped you! It sounds like your son has had some healthy first foods so far, nothing wrong with those at all :)


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