Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Little Things: Kinsey Quotes

stuff 4 year olds say
Kinsey cracks me up; she is witty and wise at four years old and I just love her silly soul. I've been doing #KinseyQuotes on Instagram since her bitty days and thought it'd do the world good to share more ;)

"I'm getting sweaty in my knee pits."

"I love you really much." Best be sure I'll be adding that to a bracelet!

"Look, it's a Cheshire cat smile!" pointing to a cresent moon in the night sky as we're driving in the car.

"If you promise something, don't let it go."  Deep.

"That baby looks cute in your tummy." Granted this one is several months past but how sweet is that?!

"I need to lead."  As she runs ahead of me during a walk.

"Mom, I have a sad smile.  Now a happy smile!"  Using her fingers to pull her mouth up and down.  How is it called a 'frown' when 'sad smile' states it so much better?! 

"I'll be old when I turn 4."  Apparently getting older is negatively ingrained in all women, haha.

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