Monday, April 27, 2015

Favorite Things: Accessories

It's time to talk accessories!  My tried and true favorites:


I wear a belt every day (no joke) so I know a thing or two about them. I get mine from Gap and Old Navy (surprise, surprise). Their leather lasts a long time and quality is key. And durability.

I make fun of Brian about his 'jeans addiction', his comeback- "at least I wear all of mine, shoe hoarder." Yikes. Now, it is true I own more shoes than necessary and that shoes are my weakness. Regardless of what size pants I wear, my feet generally stay the same size (though I feel they have gotten bigger since having children, anyone else?!) and that translates to having choices in my closet. Though I generally stick to slip on sneakers and flats, I love my boots for Fall and Winter, and have some pretty heels for those few fancy occasions.

I love me some scarves- infinity, cowl, blanket, skinny, patterned or plain, they just work. And I kinda have a thing about my neck so there's that. All I'm saying is you can't go wrong with a scarf.

I'm not a big jewelry wearer but my favorite accessory is my wedding ring. Brian did a beautiful job picking it out for me. For all it symbolizes and encompasses it can't be beat! Unless you count these girls.  They are my greatest treasures.

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  1. Your children are so adorable. I have a few pair of shoes but not a crazy shoe person. Love a good sandal for summer and a pair of tennis shoes (I like Keds) for those summer country walks.

    1. Thank you! I totally agree, but Im definitely biased :) Im sad to admit but I have no sandals! Shame on me, haha.

  2. I love that quote! It's so true!! Your girls are precious! Sweet snapshots of the three of you :)
    Have a beautiful week! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate


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