Thursday, April 9, 2015

9 Months

How old: 9 months
Weight: 15.10 pounds, (up 3 pounds.  Apparently I have grossly overestimated her weight gain, oops!)
Length: 27.1 inches (up 7. 13 inches) 
Baby clothes: 6-9, 9 months sizes
Diaper size: 2
Sleep: We have settled back into a nice nap routine, 11a and 3p for an hour to 90 minutes.  Night time has been weird, she's doing some baby sleep-sitting up and then flings herself on top of me or Brian.  I'm hoping once those top teeth break through (they are soooo close to the surface) our good little sleeper will return.
Feeding: She nurses maybe 3 times during the day and then night nurses about that much too.  Still loving her solid foods!  New foods this month include tuna, hot dog, Brussels sprouts, tilapia, grilled onion and avocado.
Likes: Eating!  Playing with Kinsey and Stella.  Chewing on her socks.  Playing in her bath tub.
Dislikes: Riding in the car at night, complete hysterics!  It's so sad but what can you do?
Milestones:  We have a crawler now!  Pulling herself up onto her feet all the time, trying to stand unsupported- will wobble for a second then plop back down on her bottom.  Clapping her hands.  Waving "bye".  Say's "mom mom" and "dada".

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