Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a wonderful Easter weekend; it started out with a #momfail, but worked itself back up to a high note by Sunday.  But I'll start at the beginning.

Friday we dyed eggs.  Out of the dozen my mom boiled, 6 survived.  But we had a tie dye kit from PAAS and only doing the six was perfect for Kinsey.  It came with a little dye dropper and a polishing cloth and it became tedious after the first 3, ha!

We had a mini egg hunt in the front yard and just like her Mommy, Kinsey wanted to re-hide and find the eggs a bazillion times!

Saturday I got up early and prepared to go to our City Sponsored Egg Hunt right down the street from our house.  And here's the #momfail: we missed it.  By 2 minutes.  Just a bunch of kids carrying loaded baskets and a bare lawn :(  I think I was more disappointed than Kinsey.  But she sure did look adorable in her bunny sweater (Gymboree a few years ago.) 

But we rallied our spirits and had a fun lunch out of plastic eggs (duh!) and made a cute craft out of the girls feet-  the bunny's ears are their feet traced onto scrapbook paper and I just free-formed the head, drew on faces and stuck on some sweet embellishments. 

I also made Easter dessert, Toffee Grahams from Floral and Fudge and they are so good!

Sunday we went to Church (actually a new church that Kinsey dubbed "the Church on the hill" and we all really enjoyed it) and then we went to my In Laws.  Kinsey had a great time playing with her Aunt Hailey and everyone else enjoyed stuffing their faces with food.  Kinsey cleaned up during the egg hunt (2 baskets full!) and found the most money eggs ($$)- she has a gift ;)

It was a sweet baby's First Easter!  Last Easter I was almost 7 months pregnant with Brielana.  Celebrating with her in my arms is way more fun!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter celebration!

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  1. very cute!! Your kids are adorable! I wish I went on an Easter egg hunt!

  2. Cute! I love the pregnant belly pic! Isn't it crazy the difference a year makes??


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