Friday, March 6, 2015

Eight Months

How old: 8 months
Weight: 16 pounds, guesstimate {up 8.4 pounds.}
Length: 26 inches {up 7 inches}
Baby clothes: 6, 6-9 months sizes
Diaper size: 2
Sleep: Naps are wacky-doodle right now due to teething.  She fusses so much so keeps herself from falling asleep so there are no predictable nap times at the moment. 
Feeding: Every 4+ hours. I am so happy with BLW; Brielana loves eating and will eat anything I put in front of her.  She is a better eater than my 4 year old!
Likes: Eating!  Playing with Kinsey and Stella.  Chewing on her socks.  Playing in her bath tub.
Dislikes: Teething. Being told "no" and having things taken away. Having her face wiped after meals.
Milestones:  Sitting up from a lying position.  Pulling herself up onto her knees and a couple of times onto her feet(!!!)  Getting up onto her knees and rocking forward and backwards, she can crawl pretty fast backwards haha, but has yet to go forward. She cut her first tooth!  She ate out at her first restaurant (Mimi's Cafe) and did so well- aside from leaving a whole mess of Cheerios on the floor.

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