Monday, March 30, 2015

Favorite Things: Nail Polish

Soooo, a little awkward but, my 4 year old wears nail polish more frequently than I do #truth. She has been rocking polish on her person since 1.5 years old. And she looks good :)

Piggy Paint
Kinsey first manicure
Piggy Paint is by far out favorite natural polish. Their tagline is "as natural as mud" and that is key when kids put their fingers in their mouth all day long. Quality and good customer service make Piggy Paint stand out. And this stuff lasts- we've been enjoying the same bottle of Fancy Pink since 2012. 

Just recently Piggy Paint launched an adult line (read bolder colors) under Sophi Nail Polish and I won an IG giveaway! I was ecstatic because 1) quality and  2) good customer service. It's also nice to pamper yourself once in awhile. And mama felt sassy after her manicure, too!

When a little sparkle is needed Essie glitter Set in Stones is great, it takes a little longer to dry (hit it with a blow dryer on medium heat) but the glitter stays put.

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  1. Piggy Paint is the cutest name for nail polish for littles! And the colors for adults are gorg!

  2. I love the idea of natural nail polish!!
    Thanks for recommending it! :)


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