Monday, March 16, 2015

Fun List

Since welcoming Brielana into our family 8 months ago, I have tried to incorporate alone time with Kinsey because she definitely thrives when she gets it (who doesn't?)  I made a quick list of things we like to do together, so in a pinch we can just refer to the list without losing valuable time, because usually these alone times come at the sake of Brielana's nap time.

Play dolls.

Play board games.  Here's a few of our favorites.

Color or paint.

Play with play dough.

Put together puzzles.

Watch a movie.

Read together/ Go to the Library.

Bake a treat.

Play in the backyard.

Dress up.

Paint our nails.

And when Brielana is with us, but napping we:

Go to the Park.

Go to the Aquarium.

Ice cream date.

What do you do to get in quality time with your child?
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